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#1061756 How to handle the forum post-merger

Posted by BigMac on 09 February 2014 - 05:13 PM

I request we keep the Delta discussions in the Delta forums also. XD
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#1126673 Fantasy Financial metrics

Posted by ChockJockey on 23 October 2014 - 08:45 PM

and yet, DL has consistently posted superior moonthumbs per seat gallon for every quarter since 1972.


AA hasn't.


what you and the other AA fanboys here fail to grasp is that with an ever-increasing negative fleet age and an inverted coffee cup to engine cycle ratio trans-Pacific yields and time-adjusted FRASM's will eventually equalize with seasonal variations in headwind drag velocity and an increasingly favorable reduction in the pro-balsamized lending rates which AA's creditors are enjoying artificially.


it comes straight from the financial statement.


DL was made on the eighth day and was blessed exceptionally by the Almighty; DL is without sin but came to this world to deliver us from subpar non-Atlanta based legacies.  Richard Anderson excretes nuggets of solid gold.


these are FACTS.


it is not a personal attack to say you'd be less of a schmuck if you'd ever worked for DL. AA is has reason to be worried for the sole fact that it is not DL and consistently and SEVERELY has not been DL for nearly 320 quarters - that the new management has done nothing to change this should very much concern AA's employees and investors and don't think that Wall Street hasn't noticed it as well.


attitudinal-adjusted polls of high-revenue FF's consistently demonstrate that the most lucrative transcontinental passengers care far more about the amount and profitability of the cargo in the holds beneath them than they do amenities, seating options, or quality of service - but, hey, if AA wants to continue flying highly profitable people back and forth across North America it's in their right to do so, it will cost them dearly and I am highly confident that AA's Q4 financial results will justify my opinion here.


DL is winning in W. Kansas.


DL does not lose money, it does not know how.


DL completed a transwarp PNR systems integration in record time, Dougie simply doesn't care to, and probably lacks sufficient knowledge in multi-dimensional airline booking software co-crossovers to do so.


DL met and surpassed UA's reverse load-modified SHASM torque values in all top-performing markets - alphabetically - and put WN's bobbledrop transmogrified maintenance expense per square footage of carpeting to shame.


can AA say the same?


DL wins again.

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#1109643 AA traffic results: load factor falls, RASM disappoints

Posted by FWAAA on 08 August 2014 - 09:42 AM

I will continue to be a frequent participant on this forum and in providing every nitpicking piece of data I can find if people can't learn to participate in this forum without tearing someone else down.

And that,  in a nutshell, is why your posts are not warmly received.   That and the outrageous things you posted during your recent meltdown (you know, the ones the moderators deleted?).   


It's not the data or information, it's the psycho posting them.   

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#1126677 Fantasy Financial metrics

Posted by AdAstraPerAspera on 23 October 2014 - 08:57 PM

Fact: if you paint a red widget on the tail, your planes will fly faster on less fuel. Also your passengers will pay more for their ticket and they won't mind the shittier food.

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#1114323 TWU and IAM representation alliance vote

Posted by Bob Owens on 01 September 2014 - 08:56 PM

I have refuted bob over and over, bob has been shown to be wrong about Section 1167, bankruptcy and the RLA.


I have posted how bob used wrong information about the IAM and US negotiations, and yet he hasnt even replied to it from yesterday.


Go run and support the closet AMFA supporter, he can post under his own name yet he hides about his amfa loyalties and he sucks off the TWU and takes his ST salary and only turns a wrench on OT, yet he is an officer and works OT, which is discouraged.


Work OT?? I guess you could say I do. On Thursday I got to LGA at 0430, and left there at 2300. But I'm not paid OT for that. 


Wrong about 1167? Wrong about BK? Wrong about the RLA? How so? 


You support the authoritarian culture of the IAM where the Union tells the members what they want.  I don't, I feel that we are adults and can make our own decisions, what we should expect from our Union is accurate information and a plan to make things better, not be in full retreat for 15 years with no plan to recover what was lost.   


I support having recall in the bylaws. Serving as an officer in the union is a privilege not a right or entitlement earned by mindlessly supporting every decision made by the unions bosses. 


I support transparency and accountability.  We post the full spreadsheet from Quickbooks on our website so our members can review the finances when ever they want. If they want more detail such as viewing receipts and individual expense reports all they have to do is contact their section chairman and we can set up an online meeting where we do a screen share so they can see what they want. Does your IAM make Financial reports available at any time to the members or can they only look at them at the Union hall? 


I support the truth, you support withholding information and misleading people in order to get them to vote a way they would not vote if they had all the facts. Throwing out that other associations have been put in place but leaving out the fact that the two unions put it to a membership vote first. 


I support democracy. Thats why we have on line voting on motions and elections. Not like the IAM where members have to run a gauntlet to vote. We recognize that most of our members need multiple sources of income which restricts their ability to participate. In some votes we have had in excess of 90% participation.  


We have incorporated many of the things that our members say they want, things that AMFA has, in Local 591. Things that make sense. Things that don't make sense we left out. We remain far from being an organization with the structure required to negotiate an industry leading contract, there are still deep structural flaws and we have been trying to get those flaws corrected. Flaws that are unique to the AATD and not systemic to the TWU as a whole. The IAM is more deeply flawed than the TWU AATD. Those flaws may be tolerable when the leadership gets good contracts, but they blew it big time by rolling over and giving the company a concessionary deal with bottom of the industry wages and ZERO profit sharing EIGHT years after exiting BK, 12 years after first giving concessions in BK. 


Do many of the values we put into 591 coincide with why many of our members say they want AMFA? Yes. Does that make me a closet AMFA supporter?  Not anymore than your support and unquestioning obedience makes you a fascist. So, are you a fascist because you support absolute obedience and support of the IAM hierarchy? Republicans called Roosevelt a closet Communist because he pushed through labor laws and Social security and bank reforms. Maybe it was simply the right thing to do, just like recall, transparency, democracy etc. For some reason those things are heresy to you. 


My peers elected me to do what I've been doing, trying to fix this organization,  we have made a little progress, the Alliance would be a huge setback. If I get to the point where I feel we can't make any more progress then I'd quit and maybe support something else. Being in the TWU is a means to an end, that end being getting a good contract. I'm a mechanic first, being a TWU member/officer is a result of me being hired by AA before UAL called. I was a mechanic before I became a TWU member and if I left AA I'd still be a mechanic but no longer a TWU member. Fixing the Union means getting it to get us good contracts. One of the reasons why I'm against this Alliance is because it takes two deeply flawed organizations,  the two worst contracts in the industry for mechanics, and creates a two headed monster with Zero accountability to the members. Trying to fix one organization is hard, trying to fix two at the same time is simply not worth the effort, we would be better off to seek representation elsewhere than accept the Alliance. This bullshit of you will pay dues to us but the contract belongs to the Alliance thats staffed with people you don't get to pick is completely unacceptable. 

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#997844 April/May 2013 Pilot Discussion

Posted by Claxon on 06 May 2013 - 07:25 PM

Damn Scab, you're in for one hell of a hard fall. I'll be LMAO pissing on the smoldering ashes of your scab unions grave. It's dead any way you slice it.

Damn poly, you sure have mastered the art of pi$$ing. Problem is, you are always pi$$ing up ropes. Leonidas is going down again.
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#1174566 American gets Delta's Haneda slot

Posted by FWAAA on 19 June 2015 - 01:38 PM

and their decline in the Latin region is happening as we speak with losses far larger than any other airline has reported in any other region.

Not a big surprise given the substantial additional capacity by all airlines and the challenging economies in the region.

and despite those profits in the Pacific, AA still showed a substantial revenue disadvantage to DL and UA in the region.

So what? I suspect that once AA has a comparable Pacific network from LAX, its revenue disadvantages will diminish.

if you don't care what is profitable or not for anyone, then it is all just a dartboard and string line exercise suitable for a.net

Sure, but then you couldn't participate, since they banned your ass from that website years ago. :D

Actually, it's not just a random dartboard exercise, it's the build-out of a viable Pacific network that will rival that of DL and UA. One that will foreclose any corporate account objection of "but AA's Pacific options from LAX don't match up to those of DL or UA." With a comparable network that will take business travelers where they need to go, I suspect that the revenue disadvantage will diminish and eventually evaporate.

But I realize that won't stop your nonstop braying about how little revenue AA achieves on its Pacific network. Keep up that howling or else the moon might get lonely.
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#1162631 Tulsa AMT movement.

Posted by toroshark on 14 April 2015 - 10:00 PM

I can't wait for the two unions to start trading us back and forth like cattle to maintain their dues collecting ratios. This association is a shite sandwich from the word go. Designed to maintain control of dues. Nothing more, nothing less.
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#1162063 Delta +7%.......means what?

Posted by bikeguy on 11 April 2015 - 06:35 PM

We all new that the WT jerk-off would show up.

What's wrong slow day on the Delta board....

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#1157560 TWU-IAM Finally Getting Ready for JCBA Negotiations

Posted by Vortilon on 18 March 2015 - 10:03 AM


Most of the Little Team is gone at Int'l. That's what many of our current local 591 officers blamed for our current predicament. So did we get rid of the "d bags" and replace them with new "d bags"? What most of us want to know is that since the new group of local and Int'l officials are in and the past has been thoroughly debated as to how wrong the old group was, when do we hear some optimism about how the new group is going to make it better for us? We need the new leadership to lead. Start engaging us on the floor, stop the negative rhetoric about how screwed up the past was, lay out their frame work going forward. Or is this the best 591 has, stay on the message of how bad everyone else was so we are distracted from the fact that they really have no plan. Is their brand of leadership just bad mouth everyone else and not doing anything meaningful to make it better for us now?


How can we forget about the past when the same people you want us to forget about, hung a boat anchor around the future AMT negotiators necks?  Truth is, Local 591 can't change much at all, and most of us AMTs realize that.  I have yet to meet an AMT at AA that supports the "association".  No AMT trusts the TWU International.  Point is, as long as we are stuck in the suck - we are going to make sure everybody feels it one way or another.   What do you expect Gary Peterson to do?  Should he be pumping sunshine up our behinds, telling us how things will get better, but maybe we should lower our expectations?  Maybe the TWU will release the rest of the equity money to us some day.  Maybe the company will give us the retiree medical match some day.  Sorry the company decided to give all the other AA employees a 4% raise outside of negotiations - except TWU represented.  Then justify it using a weak excuse.  That was almost as lame as the companys excuse to take away PV Days - "because no other airline offers pv days to their employees".  Well, we all know that was complete BS, they call them DAT days at other airlines. 


Point is, AMTs at AA have nothing to be encouraged about.  After watching the town hall meetings on Jetnet, I am more convinced than ever - that the AMTs at AA are screwed.  That leaves AAs AMTs having to rely on (God forbid) the association.  Considering that, how could Gary keep a staight face and try to sell that.  I can picture Gary speaking to the membership now (looking sorta like Pinocchio in the Geico ad) "with the full backing of the association, we will fight to get you everything you lost, Delta plus 7 or more, and profit sharing to boot." 


Do you really think that when most of us get those stupid updates telling us how our negotiators attended a six day seminar on how to negotiate are encouraging?  It's a joke, and you know it, and so does Gary & Bob.  They also are aware that the International owns the contract, and ultimately has the final say so.  Remind me how that has gone for AAs AMTs in the past.

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#1070235 USair denies AA pilots jumpseat...

Posted by AdAstraPerAspera on 08 March 2014 - 06:53 AM

I will say this though.  I congratulate the US pilot for refusing the AA pilot the seat.  After all the US pilots have gone thru tremendous heartbreaks over that past mergers, while the AA pilots have tried to stick it to the man, over and over again, from their past mergers.  This very well could be a very good tool to use to get both sides closer together and come to a final contract...


That's a pretty vindictive, short sided, and unprofessional perspective.


Politics and personal opinions should never interfere with a jumpseat. This is how we get home to see our families-- not a means to an end. That's a very selfish and self-serving attitude.

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#924109 July - US Pilots Labor Discussion

Posted by 767jetz on 06 August 2012 - 12:53 PM

USAPA would prefer to trade pay improvements for vindictiveness against their fellow union members. "It's the cost of getting even and showing them who's boss". When asked to cite examples where this "salt the earth" strategy has paid off, Usapa simply yelled, "what, are you a westy?"

It will be interesting when details come out about our AIP. Pay rates should be slightly north of Delta's, meaning more legacy airline f/o's earning more than east captains. Sure is a nutty group the westies got hitched to.

What's even funnier is they way luvthe9 has been trying in vein to take pot shots at me and his nemisis, big bad United airlines, constantly posting out of date snippets from communications long since past. Yet when something newsworthy, current, and specifically relevant to USAirways current situation (merger, seniority, JCBA, etc.) comes around, he is peculiarly silent. Maybe he's hoping no one will notice, or simply forget how wrong he always is.

Like I said, sure is a nutty group on this forum. I hope they are not representative of the mainstream.
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#842968 US Pilots Labor Discussion

Posted by 767jetz on 07 November 2011 - 10:20 PM

SWAPA Executive Blog: November 7, 2011

From your SWAPA President, Steve Chase

Fellow SWAPA Pilots,

Today the members of SWAPA and our counterparts at AirTran-ALPA voted in favor of accepting the seniority list integration provided for in Side Letter 10, paving the way for a full integration of flight operations.

AirTran MEC Chairman Special Message: November 7, 2011

November 7, 2011

Fellow Pilots,

It is decided. The Seniority Integration Agreement has been approved. With an 83.58 percent vote of the ATN pilots and an 83.56 percent vote of the SWAPA pilots – both in favor of ratification – our collective hands have extended and accepted Southwest’s offer as to how the pilot groups will be merged.

Looks like yet another integration that doesn't use the "gold standard" of DOH. Another slotting using things like pay, career expectations, and the particular facts of their merger. Go figure! ;)

Once again, each integration turns on its own facts as there is no one-size-fits-all approach to seniority integrations.

I guess the Airtran guys saw the writing on the wall and realized the benefit to them in pay and working conditions. Imagine that.
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#841391 Nick Aaronson

Posted by HPearlyretiree on 01 November 2011 - 12:01 AM

I have never posted on this forum but registered specifically to respond to this thread. As a disclaimer, I am not an airline employee but my wife has worked as an FA for another airline for 26 years. Some of the things I am reading here, specifically from "iclubbabyseals", are repulsive. Turning this sad and tragic event into a rant against management, before all facts have come to light, smacks of having an alternative agenda and a major ax to grind. At face value it appears as if Mr. Aaronson tragically fell into the wrong company (his hotel door wasn't kicked in while he was sleeping...) This could have happened in JFK, MIA, LAX - you choose the city, you choose the hotel, it could have happened anywhere. It does not change the fact that this young man lost his life. Perhaps others could add more remembrances, while another thread could be started regarding the culpability of management. It is not a good mixture of the two.

Iclubabyseals is a pric*, a self loathing loser, a man who just has so much hate that he has to spew every night.

Not the management's fault, not the union's fault. Nick either made a bad decision, or he was the victim of fate.

Take all the hatred for the company talk of this thread, and grow the hell up everyone.
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#779367 US Pilots Labor Discussion

Posted by exB717Flyer on 15 January 2011 - 11:44 PM

When an Eastie has the temerity to accuse the West of trying to steal anything you know it's nothing more than flame-baiting. Don't give him the satisfaction of getting riled up. Until the courts give us justice we just have to be patient. Who knows, maybe karma will catch up with him in the meantime.
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#1097184 Non-Rev Boarding

Posted by IORFA on 24 June 2014 - 12:10 PM

You measure respect by the fact you've stayed at one company for the longest amount of years? You should think about getting more realistic definitions of respect.
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#1050612 Combined Travel Rules

Posted by AANOTOK on 03 January 2014 - 12:29 PM

Josh and 700,


You two guys contaminate every single topic that gets posted. Can you PLEASE take your damn cat fights

elsewhere. This truly is becoming unbelievable!!

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#1044557 Boycott Opening Day Celebrations

Posted by Bob Owens on 08 December 2013 - 11:25 AM

Go ahead and boycott. Leaves more munchies for everyone else.

Maybe you will choke on it.

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#1177174 Delta exits LAX-LHR

Posted by eolesen on 01 July 2015 - 02:15 PM

Another fine example of "I can't win an argument so I'll just throw up old arguments on other tangents hoping something will stick."
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#1171157 Opportunities Ahead For American Airlines

Posted by jimntx on 03 June 2015 - 09:17 AM

What kind of airline analyst does this guy think he is?  He only mentioned Delta once in the entire article.  Obviously knows nothing of the airline business.

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