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#1061756 How to handle the forum post-merger

Posted by BigMac on 09 February 2014 - 05:13 PM

I request we keep the Delta discussions in the Delta forums also. XD
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#1109643 AA traffic results: load factor falls, RASM disappoints

Posted by FWAAA on 08 August 2014 - 09:42 AM

I will continue to be a frequent participant on this forum and in providing every nitpicking piece of data I can find if people can't learn to participate in this forum without tearing someone else down.

And that,  in a nutshell, is why your posts are not warmly received.   That and the outrageous things you posted during your recent meltdown (you know, the ones the moderators deleted?).   


It's not the data or information, it's the psycho posting them.   

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#997844 April/May 2013 Pilot Discussion

Posted by Claxon on 06 May 2013 - 07:25 PM

Damn Scab, you're in for one hell of a hard fall. I'll be LMAO pissing on the smoldering ashes of your scab unions grave. It's dead any way you slice it.

Damn poly, you sure have mastered the art of pi$$ing. Problem is, you are always pi$$ing up ropes. Leonidas is going down again.
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#1070235 USair denies AA pilots jumpseat...

Posted by AdAstraPerAspera on 08 March 2014 - 06:53 AM

I will say this though.  I congratulate the US pilot for refusing the AA pilot the seat.  After all the US pilots have gone thru tremendous heartbreaks over that past mergers, while the AA pilots have tried to stick it to the man, over and over again, from their past mergers.  This very well could be a very good tool to use to get both sides closer together and come to a final contract...


That's a pretty vindictive, short sided, and unprofessional perspective.


Politics and personal opinions should never interfere with a jumpseat. This is how we get home to see our families-- not a means to an end. That's a very selfish and self-serving attitude.

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#924109 July - US Pilots Labor Discussion

Posted by 767jetz on 06 August 2012 - 12:53 PM

USAPA would prefer to trade pay improvements for vindictiveness against their fellow union members. "It's the cost of getting even and showing them who's boss". When asked to cite examples where this "salt the earth" strategy has paid off, Usapa simply yelled, "what, are you a westy?"

It will be interesting when details come out about our AIP. Pay rates should be slightly north of Delta's, meaning more legacy airline f/o's earning more than east captains. Sure is a nutty group the westies got hitched to.

What's even funnier is they way luvthe9 has been trying in vein to take pot shots at me and his nemisis, big bad United airlines, constantly posting out of date snippets from communications long since past. Yet when something newsworthy, current, and specifically relevant to USAirways current situation (merger, seniority, JCBA, etc.) comes around, he is peculiarly silent. Maybe he's hoping no one will notice, or simply forget how wrong he always is.

Like I said, sure is a nutty group on this forum. I hope they are not representative of the mainstream.
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#842968 US Pilots Labor Discussion

Posted by 767jetz on 07 November 2011 - 10:20 PM

SWAPA Executive Blog: November 7, 2011

From your SWAPA President, Steve Chase

Fellow SWAPA Pilots,

Today the members of SWAPA and our counterparts at AirTran-ALPA voted in favor of accepting the seniority list integration provided for in Side Letter 10, paving the way for a full integration of flight operations.

AirTran MEC Chairman Special Message: November 7, 2011

November 7, 2011

Fellow Pilots,

It is decided. The Seniority Integration Agreement has been approved. With an 83.58 percent vote of the ATN pilots and an 83.56 percent vote of the SWAPA pilots – both in favor of ratification – our collective hands have extended and accepted Southwest’s offer as to how the pilot groups will be merged.

Looks like yet another integration that doesn't use the "gold standard" of DOH. Another slotting using things like pay, career expectations, and the particular facts of their merger. Go figure! ;)

Once again, each integration turns on its own facts as there is no one-size-fits-all approach to seniority integrations.

I guess the Airtran guys saw the writing on the wall and realized the benefit to them in pay and working conditions. Imagine that.
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#841391 Nick Aaronson

Posted by HPearlyretiree on 01 November 2011 - 12:01 AM

I have never posted on this forum but registered specifically to respond to this thread. As a disclaimer, I am not an airline employee but my wife has worked as an FA for another airline for 26 years. Some of the things I am reading here, specifically from "iclubbabyseals", are repulsive. Turning this sad and tragic event into a rant against management, before all facts have come to light, smacks of having an alternative agenda and a major ax to grind. At face value it appears as if Mr. Aaronson tragically fell into the wrong company (his hotel door wasn't kicked in while he was sleeping...) This could have happened in JFK, MIA, LAX - you choose the city, you choose the hotel, it could have happened anywhere. It does not change the fact that this young man lost his life. Perhaps others could add more remembrances, while another thread could be started regarding the culpability of management. It is not a good mixture of the two.

Iclubabyseals is a pric*, a self loathing loser, a man who just has so much hate that he has to spew every night.

Not the management's fault, not the union's fault. Nick either made a bad decision, or he was the victim of fate.

Take all the hatred for the company talk of this thread, and grow the hell up everyone.
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#779367 US Pilots Labor Discussion

Posted by exB717Flyer on 15 January 2011 - 11:44 PM

When an Eastie has the temerity to accuse the West of trying to steal anything you know it's nothing more than flame-baiting. Don't give him the satisfaction of getting riled up. Until the courts give us justice we just have to be patient. Who knows, maybe karma will catch up with him in the meantime.
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#1050612 Combined Travel Rules

Posted by AANOTOK on 03 January 2014 - 12:29 PM

Josh and 700,


You two guys contaminate every single topic that gets posted. Can you PLEASE take your damn cat fights

elsewhere. This truly is becoming unbelievable!!

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#1044557 Boycott Opening Day Celebrations

Posted by Bob Owens on 08 December 2013 - 11:25 AM

Go ahead and boycott. Leaves more munchies for everyone else.

Maybe you will choke on it.

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#985384 US AIRWAYS FA's approve CONTRACT

Posted by ChockJockey on 11 March 2013 - 02:33 AM

I post to myself on an internet forum but it's other people that are nutjobs.

I cannot organize my thoughts.

They dribble from brain as I desperately try to sort them by tapping ENTER twice.

I write my posts like poetry.

Except poetry doesn't suck.

I talk in cryptic acronyms.

My padded cell has wifi.

No one understands me.

I am obsessed with CC.

CC let me smell your hair.




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#1111553 2014 Pilot Discussion

Posted by Barrister on 16 August 2014 - 10:08 PM



Your problem dude is that you don't know your audience/enemy.  We gave blood over here only to see suit after suit squander it. Not your problem right? But we kept this POS floating long enough to get a deal, any deal, it just happened to be your POS we did it with. At least half of this company was set back YEARS,....no decades ... due to the US/PI merger but you know what...we got over it because we knew at it's very core DOH is fair. When the US/PI deal went through Greensboro was closed as a crew base. The son of the PI founder was the chief pilot. He found out the base was closing when the bid came over the teletype. Where did they add the time...how about LAX....funny right!!! Want to know how many PI guys got displaced?? Want to know what backward movement is?? Go ask any PI guy, he will tell ya!!  Just about every single PI gut who commuted to CLT from anyplace South eventually got displaced by US guys who then commuted to CLT.  Did we blame the pilots....HELL NO ..we blamed a management group who made one stupid move after another. Oh yeah...lets don't forget that US had to park 30-40 737s just to get this AW deal done. Did you forget about that?


To an East guy your complaints just elicit a yea...been there done that type of response. Just remember this. NIC both blessed you and doomed you at the same time. If you can't see that....well then son you have a little growing up to do.

None of us a truly want to see you in that spot because most of us have.....well ...been there. But you will  not get our sympathy because you will have 10-15-20 year FOs. It sucks to be you. We know because it has sucked to be US...but for way longer!!




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#1102291 TWU International visit to JFK

Posted by OldGuy@AA on 10 July 2014 - 07:48 PM

I talked to Lombardo personally when he came to Tulsa.  He saw my AMFA pin and told me "We need one union here and you need to get rid of that pin."  I told him he and the TWU International needed to give me one good reason why I should lose the pin.  He told me "We got one union here."  A fork lift drove by just then and I asked him if we had one union why did forklift drivers and all the other stock clerks along with fleet service have superior benefits than AMTs?  He looked at me for a few seconds and said nothing.  Then his trained monkey Sean Doyle jumped in and offered to answer any questions I had.  When I started asking them he said he would do it over email.  When I emailed him he said he would rather do it over the phone.  When I told him I wanted everything in writing so there could be no misrepresentation of either of our words he agreed so I emailed him the questions.  One of them being why any union would agree to discriminate against one group by forcing inferior benefits on them such as unpaid sick time and less vacation.  He did not answer one single question.  This is the TWU International that Bob Owens is talking up.  I wanted to know why the inferior benefits were allowed and what was being done to rectify it.  At this point after not having paid sick time for well over 10 years, and the loss of yet another week of vacation, I feel the TWU has no intention of getting either for us ever again.  I also think that maintaining 6 weeks of vacation for stores (along with the skill pay they got them and their continued 100% paid sick time) is a complete slap in the face to all AMTs.  Mr. Lombardo is just another windbag who will do nothing for AMTs because he has no respect for us.  Anyone who condones inferior benefits for any work group in the same union is not fit to hold office.  His refusal to answer my questions prove that there is no plan to get us the basic benefits that stock clerks enjoy.  He didn't even use the excuse that we would get everything back in the joint agreement.  If any one of you on this board thinks for one second that the TWU (or IAM) will gain anything in joint negotiations you are completely out of touch.  In the first place, AA will drag these negotiations out for several years.  In the second place remember that the TWU got stock clerks skill pay when they couldn't get us full sick pay.  I'm sorry and I know I have said this before and some of you are probably tired of it, but I and all AMTs deserve the same benefits as a stock clerk.  Bob, I'm sorry but you are out to lunch on this one.  The only way we AMTs have any chance to salvage anything from our careers is if we dump the TWU.  Of course the IAM is no better and I point to their TA as proof.  Why are they setting the bar at AA compensation when we are in a BK contract?  We have one last chance to fix what is wrong and throw the TWU out.  We cannot trust lip service from the likes of Harry Lombardo.  We are not bus drivers so we do not matter to Harry Lombardo.  Sean Doyle is a recipient of the Junior Mechanic Program that handed free A&P licenses to career fleet service clerks, cleaners and stock clerks instead of forcing AA to raise the pay for AMTs so they could hire them instead of all of them going to UA, US Air and Delta for the higher pay.  This is the TWU and I am sick and tired of seeing them take care of everyone else except the AMTs.  Get rid of them now.  For me and a lot of others it is too late to save our careers but we have a chance to help the next generation of AMTs.  I challenge anyone to email Sean Doyle and ask these questions and see the answers (or lack of) that you receive if you receive anything back at all.  Sorry Bob but I must disagree with you on this one.  The TWU is cancer to AMTs.

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#1101611 AA forecasts $800 Million revenue from cargo in 2014

Posted by FrugalFlyerv2.0 on 08 July 2014 - 07:56 PM

I'm trying to understand how this bubble bursting and these very bad things on the horizon you speak of for AA, are just for AA to hurdle and no other airline, especially DL?


Let's see if I can summarize the world according to DL:


1)  AA @ MIA is in trouble because LCCs will grow from south FL to latim america and when, not if but when DL sets up MIA-LatinAmerica operations AA might as well shut the lights off on North Terminal /  Concourse D.

2)  In DFW AA is in trouble because WN with 16,yes that's sixteen gates at Love Field along with VX's 2 gates and DL's upcoming flights to ATL will be the end for AAs top 20-25 markets in north TX.  I won't even mention that DL skyteam partern KE is killing AA on filghts to Asia from DFW

3)  Speaking of Asia, AA sucks across the Pacific.  It obviously can't compete with UAL out of ORD nevermind SFO, AA can't compete with other Asian carriers in LAX, and there is an airline that is going to absolutely crush everybody out of SEA flying to Asia.

4)  Speaking of LAX:  despite the fact that AA operates out of terminal 4, the AE remote terminal just picked up a couple gates in terminal 6 and will have gates in TBIT, there is an airline there that despite having less real estate showed the highest growth rate (in terms of adding seats) and more importantly, processess more passengers per minute via its gates than AA.  Again, AA is toast in LAX.

5)  I won't even mention NYC becasue AA died there the second DL decided to set up shop.

6)  CLT - too close to ATL, won't go there.

7)  PHL - maybe, but just by its presence up the road in NYC, it really doesn't matter what AA does there, it's irrelevant.

8)  DL has surrounded ORD with MSP and DTW, so anytime it wants it could kill not only AA but UA too.

9)  I won't talk about Europe, because as you know, there is an airline that flies the B767-400 to LHR - you know, the airplane that sold a whopping 38 airframes to primarily 2 airlines, only losers bought the overweight and oversized B777s.  Anyways, DL knows how to use the B767-400 properly and along with its slutty (Virgin) JV partner will put a serious hurt on AA/BA/1-world at LHR.

10)  That leaves only PHX as a possibility where AA could thrive, but only until DL decides it needs a southwestern hub.


Hope that clears it up for you.

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#1072203 2014 Pilot Discussion

Posted by algflyr on 16 March 2014 - 11:02 AM

I see you're online now.


If you'd like me to stop and just cede the point that this is the internet and you can say anything you want in the hopes someone believes it, then, I'll be glad to stop.


Or, you can provide the document.


I'm not exactly sure what you're asking. A transition agreement was created that produced a SLI under ALPA (the Nic) and it contained certain conditions that must have been met for the implementation of said seniority list. The conditions were never met. And now the document has been nullified, so those conditions can never be met. All we are left with are two separate pilot groups operating separately from each other on two different seniority lists.

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#1040779 TWU ATD post IAM Alliance

Posted by Thomas Paine on 24 November 2013 - 07:02 PM

I will be voting against having my class and craft being split between two unions, no matter what they threaten us with. If they say "either accept the alliance or no Union", well, then there is always AMFA or the IBT. I'm sure we wont have any problems finding someone who will be willing to take our dues and neither the TWU or IAM have done much for either of us other than land both of us the bottom of the industry.

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#1011392 TWU,Teamsters, AMFA

Posted by Chuck Schalk on 11 July 2013 - 06:17 PM

We as a group are a bunch of fools and it amazes me time and again. I was listening to a conversation of mechanics in the break room. They were stating that we need change and the teamsters are our only choice to get rid of the TWU. I asked them "what makes you want the teamsters" they responded to get rid of the TWU. so in a sense choose your poison right? Neither one is their preferred choice but they have to choose one. They also stated AMFA failed to file the cards and they are not in the game. I then asked them have they read the Teamsters constitution? The AMFA constitution or for that matters the TWU constitution? They all responded "NO" I then asked "how do you make an informed decision and based on what"? I watch people research to death about going on a vacation but no interest in researching who will represent us or read the contract to understand it. We can't blame it all on everyone else, we must take some of the blame ourselves. We listen to false promises, outright lies, false hope, and fall to manipulation and yet some still consider to keep the TWU and some consider switching to the Teamsters. If you read the AMFA constitution it provides everything you want in a democratic union but thats not good enough because no one read it. they would rather listen to people who have personal interest in representing you and others who are paid to get signatures at any cost even if it means forgery and false promises. Yes there are no greater fools than us.
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#1088813 2014 Pilot Discussion

Posted by dariencc on 23 May 2014 - 05:25 PM

Judicial Estoppel & a Pyrrich Victory are facts and not leading questions.


Estoppel and Pyrrich (sic) Victory are concepts, not facts.  You are dumber than a box of rocks (fact).

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