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  1. Stevewrites
    I am a travel blogger who lives by documenting journey across the globe.
  2. bigjets
    bigjets robbedagain
    I see a big union supporter, good for you for not getting bitter against association like me.
  3. MetalMover
    MetalMover conehead777
    Got a PM from WeAAsles. Says he has had enough of me and the rest of us. The moderator has had enough of him.
  4. Jack Norton
    Jack Norton
    I am Jack Norton and I'm a workaholic person who spent most of the time on the laptop or pc trying to learn something new.
  5. KCFlyer
    I call them as I see them
  6. KCFlyer
  7. KCFlyer
  8. AXAAssistanceUSA
    Miami, FL 33126
  9. YouCanFixStupid
    Anyone that voted for Trump and still thinks it was a good ideal. You should do the world a favor and KILL yourself.
  10. Wilma
  11. B737 driver
    B737 driver 737MAX7
    Hey do you just red X everything I write just for shits and grins?
  12. WeAAsles
    WeAAsles iluvaa
    Stalking me with red X is pretty pathetic bro. I’ve never understood the purpose behind people who need to do that. And the damn Mods deleted our entire conversation from the other night. Guess they have no sense of humor.
  13. La Li Lu Le Lo
    La Li Lu Le Lo bigjets
    Just curious why did you ask me what I did for work now in thread "Flight Attendants' union files discrimination complaint against company"? I am curious what you had to say.
  14. eduardow
    I find it absurd not to be able to select seats on my trip segment operated by Iberia. I did buy the ticket in American Airlines.
  15. Lydor Brunice
    Lydor Brunice
    When and where can I buy the cheapest Airline tickets online? and where to find a better deals? your comments will be well appreciated. Tx