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  1. AA89
    AA89 The Truth Will Set U Free
    I'm not gonna continue the pissing contest and have another thread shut down for personal attacks. You want to make it personal we can do it. I have no idea who you are.
  2. delldude
    Got a hankerin' for some ribs
  3. dascrow
    Status update.. test.. test
  4. GoLatin
    AA275 MIA-LAX.
  5. N924PS
    N924PS A330PYLT
    I haven't posted for a long time. I said I was done after the ISL was announced.

    Glad to hear you're enjoying your new job on the A330. There are some wonderful pilots and flight attendants that have been on that operation for a long time. I only flew it for 8 months prior to retirement, and regret not bidding it sooner. .
    1. A330PYLT
      Its been wonderful and I have enjoyed all the crews thus far. I don waste the layovers like I use to, now I get out and explore and have done that with several crew members. I was told that I have to do some WB flying before I upgrade and Im happy I took their advice.
      Jul 13, 2017
  6. N924PS
    N924PS A330PYLT
    Hey 330

    I see you addressing CLAXON as "Tom".
    Which Tom would that be? I've often thought CLAXON was Mike Cleary, but you obviously know who it is.

    1. A330PYLT
      Not Clearly. I would have no idea but he mention things about a trip we flew together and embellished a great deal and did it within a day of the trip. I was not mad or even angry I was rather amused by the actions and he made it about east vs west which was even funnier.
      Jul 12, 2017
  7. Claxon
    Runs a gym in Phoenix Arizona
  8. Cottongirl
    My CCI won't recognize the gate printer! Do I Refresh? Also how can I look up a crewmenber current flight not using Bid Awards Table?
  9. Buck
    Buck The Truth Will Set U Free
    BLocking I guess the Weaasel? GO to his profile and select "Ignore"
  10. Beehelp
    All things must pass
  11. Hakimskikdy
  12. Just the facts
    Just the facts Show me the money
    Look for AA TWU AMT on Facebook to avoid the crap from the fleet guys. It's not nearly as active is this board but it's growing.
  13. keeptheodds
    A&P=Premium Pay, AMT=Minimum Wage.
  14. FsNixon
    Cpap machines
  15. xUT
    Yea well How in the He11 can you
    give me a red.
    Are you a closet homosexual?
    You just do run by negatives?
    So you disagree that this is Fucking Insane...
    I am really flabbergasted that mom & pop pays for these 'children' education.
    If these were my daughters, I wouldn't give them another penny.

    B) xUT