ANA to begin HND-JFK and HND-ORD service

Discussion in 'Foreign Airlines' started by jimntx, May 31, 2016.

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    It won't discourage the USA-based airlines as none of them applied for JFK or ORD. ANA received four HND-USA frequencies to JAL's two because JAL is still being "punished" for having filed for bankruptcy reorganization.

    ANA had already announced that it would begin service to ORD and JFK in addition to its LAX and HNL service that will continue (ANA's HNL flight will continue with the one nighttime frequency).

    None of the USA-based airlines applied for JFK or ORD but UA did ask DoT for a frequency to begin EWR service.

    AA asked for LAX and DFW, UA asked for SFO and EWR and DL asked for LAX, MSP and ATL.

    AA argued in its filings that UA should not get a frequency to EWR because its joint venture partner was known to be starting JFK, and JFK is the preferred airport for Asia and Europe flights compared to Newark.

    My prediction is that AA, UA and DL keep their existing flights to LAX, SFO and LAX, respectively, and I suspect that UA wins EWR and AA wins DFW. HA was the only applicant for the nighttime frequency, so it's already won that one.

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