Dallas Hangars Hit Hard this Past Sunday

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    The storms did a number on the Hangars 1&2 this past Sunday. Blew in the doors and blew off a portion of the roof. There is video of the damage as it happened live but having trouble loading. Hangars are shut down until repairs are complete. Estimated time frame is a couple months. Moved 1 line over to "X" bay, the other got repackaged and sent out. All maint. employees will be relocated to other lines of maint. until return to reg maint within the hangars. If anyone has pictures or videos please feel free to share.
    Top win speeds were reported at 71 mph. Local news reported a microburst or downburst if you will.
    I would also be willing to bet all o/t will come to a standstill until the other 2 lines come back.
    Overall, just glad nobody was injured. Big doors fell on crane inside hangars doing a wingtip install/removal.
    Anyone else have more info chime in pls.

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