Delta might start overseas subsidiary

Discussion in 'Delta Air Lines' started by 700UW, Nov 6, 2015.

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    Thanks.  I can never keep straight the late departed's routes that we picked up.  I thought we only got routes from Pan Am and Eastern in the Caribbean and South America.
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    AA only got routes from EA in 1989, and EA got them from BN in 1982, and Panagra was merged into BN in 1967.

    Also, a correction... Panagra was not a JV between Pan Am and Braniff... it was a JV betwen Pan Am and Grace Shipping, hence the name Panagra being a mashing of the two together.

    Grace is still around as a chemical and manufacturing company, but got out of the shipping business in the 1970's, sold their ships to Prudential who kept the Grace name, and then the name disappeared altogether from shipping after Prudential Grace merged with Delta Lines, no relation to Delta Air Lines....
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    But sometimes judging by the lack of knowledge in the company can do no wrong crowd, I bet DL could do what Anderson/NW wanted to do years ago and they would defend it. 
    Highly unlikely any of the big wigs would leave ATL. They would just make it a subsidiary to Delta Air Lines INC and it would have its own pres/VPs. (who would then report to ATL)
    As for front line, well pilots have scope so it wont effect them(though I do question exactly how this would work with their current scope)
    everyone else, meh Delta will do what they want. I would however be shocked if they could set up a subsidiary like this and not employee a large number of employees in the EU/Amsterdam. AMS/CDG FA base and a hangar somewhere would be my bets....  
    Uh. Are you serious or do you just buy anything the company sells you? 
    Lets see, DALPA just got a nice check because the company was OVER OUTSOURCING international flights to other airlines. Of course you didn't get a check because while they give you scope, you don't have anything in writing. 
    But JV flying, when Delta is under its minimums like it has been pretty much since day one of the AF/KL JV is international outsourcing. (unless you guys fly AF/KL/AZ/VS airplanes and I missed a memo) 
    Oh and FYI, DL is only shutting down the Asian FA bases when they dump the interport flying. They haven't been in a rush to shut down bases like NRT yet have they? 
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    From a labor perspective, I think this is what most people are concerned about...

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