Electronically Locked Dockets

Discussion in 'American Airlines' started by La Li Lu Le Lo, Apr 13, 2012.

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    I was going through the court dockets on the TWU 514 website. I notice one of them was electronically locked from view (it stated you could still see it at the court clerks desk) until July. Is it a safe bet AMR plans on being wrapped up by then or have a nasty surprise for us in July or is this normal?

    I don't see how they can electronically lock some public records and make others available. What about The Freedom Of Information Act?
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    The FOIA has no applicability.

    Which document is it? If it can be viewed at the court clerk's office in NYC, do you really think its contents would remain a secret if the contents were the least bit interesting?

    Some of the documents that are not viewable for a period of time include hearing transcripts.

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