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Discussion in 'Destinations' started by journeyman24, Feb 10, 2018.

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    Hello. I am trying to fly from SF to Phnom Penh and after looking at the CheapoAir website I saw that it was 498 if I'm trying to fly from March 25-30 (my spring break days). I was disappointed when I heard that on their end the cheapest price was 560. However considering I look at airline prices daily for a while I saw that in VERY early August (for argument's sake I'll just say I saw it in the first six days) that prices went back down to the 480 range that I saw since I first looked a year and a half ago. It was 3 dollars higher this time though at 483. Look to get a reservation for the LOWEST price (I only want to talk about economic reason) assuming it's in August, how beneficial do you think it is to call and ask about it in July? If not when is a good time if the lowest price comes out in really early August? Oh and for the record my airline is China Eastern.
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    You will never make it to Cambodia if you are only willing to pay the lowest price ever offered. Airlines are a lot better at inventory management (getting the best return on a seat) than you are at searching the web for the "cheapest" seat. I do not believe that a $3 difference would affect your decision. If so, skip one Starbucks Vente double foam, half-caf latte with a splash of caramel, and you can cover that difference. You should look at the walk-up price for that itinerary (which is usually the most expensive). Then look at the prices you can get from Cheapo or anyone else. Does it seem like a good deal? Buy it! Right there on the spot before someone else buys it. If it's really cheap then its probable that they are down to the last few seats in inventory, and they won't be there tomorrow. (Or, the seats are on a truly rotten airline that nobody in their right mind would fly.)
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