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Discussion in 'jetBlue' started by trueblue, Jan 27, 2017.

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    Jan 27, 2017
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    hi! just got a job with jetblue (in the corporate office) and was wondering if anyone knows whether they do urine or hair testing. thank you!
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    Why ask do you?

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    AFAIK, drug testing is only mandatory for those who work on the airplane--such as,pilots, flight attendants--or who work on the airplane--English language being difficult--such as, mechanics, fuel truck drivers, baggage handlers, etc.

    That is not to say that JetBlue does not have drug testing for office employees. When I worked at a major oil company, even techies like me--I was a Systems Analyst--were subject to random drug tests because we had to go on occasion into highly restricted areas--such as oil refineries.
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    Oct 23, 2010
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    I hate to brake this to you but; JB monitors these boards, just like all the airlines do. If your the only one just hired in the corporate offices they may already know who you are.
    Most "new hire" drug testing is a urine analysis. I have never heard of an airline pulling or paying for say, a 6 or 8 panel hair follicle test, but you never know now days. A lot have changed since 911. We went from 5 year to 10 year to lifetime background checks here at SWA for new hires. Not sure how or what method is being used for the drug testing part. Hair testing can go back a lot further than urine testing, but it also is much more expensive testing especially if they order the 10 panel hair follicle.
    Congrats on your new job with and airline!! JB is a good airline to be with and very young still so you can hang on with them thru retirement. What department are you starting in (planning, finance, human resources, customer service) I would assume you won't have anything to do with maint since you said you will be in the Corporate Offices. Good luck with your new job and take advantage of the flight bennies...
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    I've never heard of a hair test being done for a new-hire at an airline. It's far too invasive (requires 40-60 strands, preferrably cut close to the scalp?) compared to urinalysis. It might be justified for a drug offense or probation hearing, but not for hiring.

    Pre-employment testing is pretty much the new norm across the board for newhires, not just in the airlines but also in IT (pretty much the only places I've worked in the last 30 years).

    When I hired on in IT for the airline I'm now at, I did urinalysis, and it is still a painful memory. I'd loaded up with a 44oz iced tea before driving to the off-airport lab, and they were running about an hour behind schedule that day....

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