Jetblue free checked bag with JetBlue Plus Card

Discussion in 'jetBlue' started by BlueGirl, May 25, 2020.

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    May 25, 2020
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    I got the JetBlue Plus card several months ago and I am supposed to be entitled to a free checked bag.

    Does anyone know how to book the reservation online to get this benefit?

    I have tried several ways, of course using the Jetblue Plus card to pay, and it's really not obvious at all at what point the bag fee gets deducted, if ever. Does Barclays or JetBlue issue a credit once paid?

    Has anyone successfully accomplished this. If so, can you please describe the steps required such as what fare type to select, etc.. and at what point JetBlue realizes you are paying with their JetBlue Plus card.
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    Have you not tried calling JB customer service?
    I would not doubt it at all if they are making it as confusing as possible as to avoid any refunds. JB use to fly bags for free up to 2 or 3 I think. Now days all the airlines charge for checked bags as well as some airlines are even charging extra for the carry ons as well. That's that nickel and diming that customers just love :)
    Try calling Southwest and get an estimate. They still fly bags for free on board and below. I think Southwest is only charging for the 3rd checked bag if overweight but the first two are always free to fly with. Check out and compare fares. Good luck...

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