JetBlue Removes family of 5 for child kicking seat of passenger

Discussion in 'jetBlue' started by swamt, Jul 19, 2017.

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    This will draw some different conclusions IMO. But I will say I believe the airline did have good reasons for the removal of the family, but, when JB told the family to come back the next day for their flight out, and did NOT remove their luggage from the aircraft is where JB was in the wrong. The next morning they show for their flight to be met at counter and told they are banned from flying on JB until the investigation is over with? C'mon JB. You just sent their luggage onward the day before, and they were told the day before to return for their flight. And maybe I would agree with the decision to restrict them from future flights but C'mon man, call them prior to getting 5 kids round up for another flight to be told no. That was not professional IMO. Not to forget that all their luggage for a family of 7 were all gone to the city where they were headed. What is surprising me is the mother not complaining about certain items not being with her overnight in the hotel and now not at her home for over a week until luggage is returned.

    U.S.New York Post
    Family tossed from JetBlue flight after toddler kicked seat
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    Over-entitled A-hole family who thought flying jetBlue was a good idea gets what they deserve. From my take on this situation from reading several articles this morning, sounds like the mom and the airline both made big mistakes. She sounds like a sh!tty mom and probably everyone agrees that jetBlue is a sh!tty airline, so they're made for each other.

    jetBlue's story is completely different than her story. They didn't get booted because of the kicking toddler - they got booted because the mom is an A-hole.

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