LH buys 5 new 777 freighters

Discussion in 'Freight Carriers' started by whatkindoffreshhell, Mar 17, 2011.

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    "Lufthansa saw a big rebound in freight business in 2010, with traffic growing 19.9 percent over the depressed 2009 figures, well ahead of the 7.3 percent gain in capacity.

    The recovery is extending into 2011. Cargo traffic at the carrier was up 22.5 percent in the first two months of the year although capacity has jumped more than 25 percent from the same period a year ago." ---- www.joc.com 03/17/11


    Airlines are frantically seeking new capacity (especially freighters, they are converting 2005 aircraft already!) and yields are soaring.

    LH is one of the air cargo bellweather airlines and they will push rates higher and soon. All these fuel surcharges will dramatically boost their profit margins.

    This bodes well for UA/CO. That airline could not have selected a better person than Robbie Anderson to head the new cargo division.

    Along with Neel Shah @ DL the Americans finally have very smart people in charge of their belly capacity.
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    More interesting that someone as Airbus heavy as LH would choose the 777 for a freighter...
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    For one, Airbus does not have a long-haul freighter. Secondly, Lufthansa never puts all its eggs in one basket and has been a loyal Boeing customer since 1960. Even today, the short-haul fleet consists of both A32X and B737, the long-haul fleet of both A330/340 and B747. Lufthansa will - at least for the time being - be the largest B747-8i operator. LH bought B777 a while ago for the AeroLogic subsidiary. Apparently, they have been very happy with it and are now buying it for the main line. Now that I think about it - LH has purchased every civilian Boeing jet aircraft, except for the 717.

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