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Discussion in 'United Airlines' started by LoggerOne, Apr 15, 2019.

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    Apr 15, 2019
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    I have purchased for cash 2 first class tickets P category. YVR/SFO/Koa. As this is an international flight Canada/USA, do we get any lounge access in Vancouver or San Francisco
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    AFAiK, none of the airlines has a single policy about club/lounge access that covers every airport club/lounge. If a club or lounge has heavy traffic from members at a particular airport (for instance, the AAdmiral's Club at DFW), they probably would not offer club access to a casual, one-time First Class passenger. If they are trying to build up traffic at a particular club, may or may not offer access to casual, one-time passengers. Also, some airports have both membership required Club/lounge facilities AND a First Class "in transit" lounge specifically designed for F/C passenger who are changing flights at that airport. You need to ask United about their facilities at SFO. (I'm just guessing that is the airport you have questions about.)

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