Packing it in-Milage Run from Phoenix to Albuquerque.

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Which trip is the best?

  1. San Diego-Las Vegas-Burbank-Phoenix-Albuquerque.

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  2. San Diego-Phoenix-Reno-Las Vegas-Albuquerque.

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  3. San Diego-(Unknown City/Cities)-Albuquerque.

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    Apr 5, 2011
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    So..I have a possible upcoming trip (Personal circumstances make this trip possibly not happen) The originating point is Phoenix, and the end point is Albuquerque. How can I pack the most miles into one day? It must stay domestic, and price is a concern. So far, I have, on Southwest, a $79.80 fare from Phoenix to San Diego, one stop in Las Vegas, then onto San Jose, change planes, then hop onto a flight to San Diego, arriving at 12:00pm.

    Now, the hard part. How do I pack the most miles into the rest of it? I’ll be putting up a poll, and suggestions are always welcome.

    Option 1-San Diego-Las Vegas-Burbank-Phoenix-Albuquerque.
    Option 2-San Diego-Phoenix-Reno-Las Vegas-Albuquerque.
    Option 3-San Diego-(Unknown City/Cities)-Albuquerque.

    The only thing to remember is that the flight or flights need to depart San Diego around 12:30, or any time later, with reasonable connection times. Thanks for helping me out. (Southwest Airlines is the only airline possible, unless anyone can find a better solution.)

    (Mods-If this thread is in the wrong place, please move it to the correct location for this sort of question.)

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