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Discussion in 'American Airlines' started by mikey60, Mar 1, 2018.

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    US Air pilots, the PA.Dept. of Revenue is after me claiming the payments we received for 3 years is taxable income not retirement. does anyone have a "summery plan description for the non qualified retirement plan for the pilots of US Air. I am trying to stop this in the bud, if they get me they will be after all of us. If you have this info please advise and NO I don't remember where I got it, thanks.
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    I know there are some states that consider retirement income to be taxable income. Pennsylvania may be one of those. Thank goodness in Texas we have no state income tax period. I discovered the hard way that the Feds consider Social Security and private company retirement annuities to be taxable. I owe them over $3000 this year for last year because I didn't have any Federal Income tax taken out of 3 retirement annuities that I have..
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    They have a cute little line in the PA-40 booklet that says something like 'if of retirement age'. but don't really describe what retirement age is. Pa bases their case on whatever your 1040 report was. Check the box codes on your 1099-R....I think if its a 7 you're ok.

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