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Discussion in 'American Airlines' started by VizagDude, Mar 15, 2020.

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    I want to understand if I am eligible for a cancelled trip on American to Europe. Below is my situation:

    We were scheduled to fly into LHR (London) on Mar 5th and travel by train to Amsterdam, Brugge and Paris and scheduled to fly back in the US on Mar 15th (today) out of CDG (Paris). We've decided to cancel out trip on the 3rd given the risks fo Coronavirus spred in Europe based on it's spread in Italy.

    At that time, there were no travel advisories to the country were flying into (UK) and were flying out of (France). So we did not get a refund on our Airfair. But since then, Trum announed Travel ban on flights from Europe into the US and Paris was one of those airports. If I would have gone on the trip, I would have been stuck due to the travel restriction.

    Would I qualify for a refund from American based on my scheduled flight on the 15th and the travel restriction went into effect from the 13th.

    Thank you for the help!
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    Best bet is to contact AA n give them details regarding ur issue
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    I'm Assuming you had a non refundable ticket and if so, if you, yourself canceled the trip then I'm betting you only have the option to re-book within a certain period and not pay the change ticket fee but as advised by 'robbedagain' call and plead your case.

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