Reserve Status and Bases - Questions for current UA FAs

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    I left to raise a child after flying for another major carrier for seventeen years. I'm finally in the position to go back to the airline industry, and currently I'm in the interview process with United. I've done some Internet research, but many of my questions are left unanswered particularly due to the fact United has been going through a lot of transformations lately. If you are a current employee, I would appreciate your taking the time to answer the few questions below.

    1. Is the current hiring process for sUA or sCO?
    2. Are employee travel benefits available immediately once new FAs graduate from training or is there a six-month waiting period? If there is a waiting period, is some kind of discounted travel still available?
    3. Where are new FAs likely to be based upon graduation this summer?
    4. Are reserve FAs *allowed* to commute? I always commuted to my base - when I was on reserve and then when I was blockholder - it wasn't easy, but I made it work. United does have the "must live within driving radius of your assigned base" requirement posted on its career page. Is it strictly enforced though?
    5. How difficult is it to transfer to a transatlantic base within the United States if you're not a LODO? Will it possible at all to eventually transfer to either LHR or FRA (say, in less than five years)?
    6. Is scheduling for both sUA and sCO based on PBS (like AA and Delta) or set monthly lines (like US Airways used to be)?

    Thank you!
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    I haven't seen any posts from UA/CO flight attendants (or any other employees) for some time (maybe over a year). The group of Trumpettes that troll this board have driven off most casual users with their ad hominem attacks on anyone who disagrees with them. You might want to look for another airline bulletin board.

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