Southwest Wins 4 Major Awards

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    Sweet timing for these awards to come out for Southwest. We need any kind of help towards getting passengers back on our airline ASAP, this might help with some travelers choices when choosing the airline they want to fly. Folks wanna know who will be the best service IF their flight gets canceled or changes for some reason during this pandemic and Southwest is clearly the KING when it comes to refunds, customer service, travel plans changes, and slight hiccups, as well as not nickle and diming the passengers to death with all the add on fees, and bags still fly free on Southwest, which, I believe is the ONLY airline left for not charging for bags. JetBlue caved and went ahead and went with charging for the bags so now Southwest the ONLY airline that doesn't. With all this and the middle seats still remain left open thru Oct. (summer) only booking to 65% for distancing, enforcing the mask/face coverings for everyone except 2 and under and no medical excuses any longer, the constant disinfecting and cleaning will enable Southwest to be the airline to return to during this pandemic to get passengers back in the air.
    So congrats to SWA and all employees for doing a superb job and assisting in getting us these awards:
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