Spirits Baggage Fees Sends Woman To Jail

Discussion in 'Regional & National Airlines' started by swamt, Jul 7, 2020.

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    I guess Spirits nickel and diming was too much for this traveler in Florida. Now she will get 6 charges of assault plus one more on a corrections officer. Surely Spirit added her name to the "no fly" list and shared with the other airlines. Pathetic what the airline employees had to deal with. Customer agents do not deserve this kind of treatment from anyone.

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    First off, how could there be anyone left who didn't know about Spirit ancillary fees? It's the way they hold down the ticket prices to such absurd levels. They charge you $42.50 to fly from Houston to Bangkok and once the ticket is paid you find out that everything else is extra. Actually, it seems to me that $65 bag fee for a shoe bag is almost reasonable.

    As a retired f/a I say good on Spirit for having her fanny thrown in jail. Now if only the other airlines add her to their no-fly list. (I'm assuming she is already on the Spirit no-fly list.)
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