The Plane Crash - Full documentary

Discussion in 'Aviation Chatter' started by Hatu, Apr 21, 2016.

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    Hatu, thanks a million for posting this.  Fascinating!   I was spellbound.  FYI for everyone else.  This documentary is well-worth watching.  Just be aware that it's not quite an hour and 15 minutes long, and trust me, you will not want to stop watching once it starts.
    Some interesting things:
    1.  The plane crashed is a B-727.  One of the pilots involved described the 727 as the basic blueprint for every passenger a/c built since.
    2.  Though the plane broke into 3 pieces, the fuselage remained intact for most of the passenger cabin.
    3.  The engines continued to run even after the plane came to a halt.  They had to spray water into the engines to get them to shut off.  There was still so much fuel aboard that the scientific folk were afraid of the possibility of an explosion which would destroy the evidence they were after..
    4.  Assuming a brace position and belting into one's seat does in fact seem to lessen injuries.  Certainly less than unbraced and unbelted.
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