The rise and demise of the AAirpass, American Airlines’ $250k lifetime ticket

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    Three decades ago, 28 lucky bastards managed to snag the greatest travel deal in history, courtesy of American Airlines. It was dubbed the “unlimited AAirpass.

    For a one-time fee of $250k ($560k in 2018 dollars), this pass gave a buyer unlimited first-class travel for life. A companion pass could be purchased for an additional $150k, allowing the pass holder to bring along anyone for the ride.

    Mark Cuban, an early AAirpasser, tells us it was “one of the best purchases [he’s] ever made.”

    But the unlimited AAirpass had a fatal flaw: it was such a good deal that it ended up costing American Airlines millions of dollars per year — and the company set out to revoke the contracts of its top customers by any means necessary.
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    I am always skeptical of business deals involving the phrases "lifetime", "forever", "perpetual", "eternity" or "unlimited"... usually found in health club memberships, video rental stores, and cemeteries. Frankly, I am surprised during its trip through bankruptcy American Airlines did not include its AAirpasser obligations and have them discharged.

    Certainly Mark Cuban had a better investment experience with AAirpasser than with Toygaroo.

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