UA furloughs more & takes advantage of no new contract

Discussion in 'United Airlines' started by chicagopunkie, Apr 6, 2012.

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    I am a PCE employee in the IAM union. CO cust Svc employees are not union.

    Since the vote was finally announced a few weeks ago for the union, after UA tried to mess with it by "reclassifying" a ton of employees; it became obvious they wanted revenge on the PCE IAM employees.

    Or is it the CO management?? After all, everything is now the CO way including switching over to their archaic computer system.

    The baggage service (lost luggage) Dept. In Chicago (Res Bldng) who only handle the 1K and GS (Global Service) passengers got the boot yesterday. Starting June 3rd, there will no longer be a "Bag Desk" at United. The calls will be routed to either India, Manila, or to the CO agents in Houston who don't know what they are doing.

    To make matters worse, the CO management told these employees that relocating to Houston is not an option. There are 3 others: transfer to reservations. (also union PCE employees) but not only with new class seniority (the bottom), but also at the pay they are paying brand new hires-about $9.00/hr.
    Option 2: take a furlough
    Option 3: Retire - now that's a laugh because they just had a lot of employees, who were 55yrs of age and older take early retirement with an incentive program in Dec of 2011.

    The real kicker: CO management say they can do all of this because we have been working w/out a contract for a few years and the new contract has not been written yet.

    Is this legal??
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    IMHO, you have no contract therefore you are an 'at will' employee, UA can do what they want and you have no recourse.
    Check with your IAM rep and see what he says.
    Good Luck!
    B) xUT

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