What should a Delta Sky Club look like post COVID?

Discussion in 'Delta Air Lines' started by DOUGandNIKI, May 12, 2020.

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    As a matter of fact, I have pulled out grilles.

    And if air is indeed trapped those areas, how exactly would live virus particles get out?.... They're not like mice or spiders with legs....

    I'm sure your downline guys ate somewhere on their trip. And a few might have even found (gasp!) a bar or a convenience store to grab snacks.
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    Simple, they are easily disturbed every time a passenger kicks, rubs or even messes with their bag under the seat in front of them all the while their face is down and very close to the grilles. Also on take off and landings they are disturbed and all mixxed up into the air again under vibrations and braking after landings.

    Not always on downlines. Most of the times they get food brought to them by sup on duty and/or the QC guy(s) go and pick something up and bring it to them. IF they get a long break waiting on parts, or have to wait until next day to do run ups or test flight then they might go out to eat but very seldom on our downlines.

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