WT go back to the Delta board they need you!

Discussion in 'American Airlines' started by UPNAWAY, Oct 28, 2014.

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    Now If I was classless like WT, I would have post this on the delta board.
    "The five worst airlines! The short list of nominees, however—those earning the most negative votes—was as follows:
    • Spirit ("hiking baggage fees for the holiday travel season, on top of their already impressive set of fees, like fees for gate-checked bags you intended to carry on on top of their already impressive fees for carry-on bags")
    • Frontier ("scowling faces and sarcastic replies, flight attendants straight up lying to passengers, and the fact that they have an email-only customer service center")
    • Ryanair ("packed planes and exorbitant fees that drive up your travel costs")
    • Delta ("cramped seats, terrible customer service over the phone or at the airport, or late everything")
    • United ("shipping a person to one place and his pet half a world away, delays for mechanical issues, lost luggage, screwed up 'confirmed' reservations, and more")"
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    :D :p   uhh ohh UP  you really did it now bro   It appears someone will need their heavy meds   esp for that 2nd to last line   the one right above UA and under Ryan air..   this just doesnt look good at all!!   :rolleyes:
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    im about to drop off the board between world traveler and his delta rants cheers or what not. Josh with his anti usair rants and 700 with his expert opinion on well everything. its getting ridiculous the board is becoming their own personal stomping ground. Good Night all!
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    Dec 5, 2003
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    The latest DOT air travel consumer report shows that DL had the 2nd best on-time in the US at 84.8 bested only by Hawaiian, 11 points better than native AA while US was only 2 points behind DL. UA came in 8 points behind DL while WN/FL were a point behind UA.
    Bottom of the list honors goes to Envoy – 14 points below DL and 7 points below industry average.

    Delta had ZERO flights on the chronically late list – Virgin America and Hawaiian are also in that group.

    DL’s rate of cancellations was less than half of AA and UA’s.

    Baggage performance was the best among legacies plus WN.

    DL consumer complaints was only slightly worse than WN’s and less than one half of the industry average; AA and UA were both double industry average or worse.


    too bad reality shows a different picture

    how about instead you voice your displeasure with those people who post opinions which are clearly not based in reality.

    this thread exists solely because someone wanted to engage in defaming someone and a company that is not only not based in reality but also pretty easily verifiable.
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