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    A Question On Concessions

    Pardon me...but I'm pretty well convinced on what a binding agreement or contract means in todays world , not a lot of anything by recent accounts. Assuming that we did agree to even passing up on another paid holiday for example...what assurances would we have that would insure a job?...or...
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    Ste Mobile Aerospace , Strike-two !

    Rumors are rumors....but the clocking of the drive splines was the issue...just as I conveyed before. If rumors had any degree of accuracy around here ?(especially PIT)...We would all have been in IND by now. :P :D
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    Ste Mobile Aerospace , Strike-two !

    I do believe if you would absorb my would see why our dabble into this arena was easier to walk away opposed to persuing it. Eveyone with a sound program with motivated and dedicated leadership in this area fares well....regardless of what the actual mainline as a...
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    Is 3rd Party Maintenance Unsafe?

    Bob, In the truest sense of the term..."you Sir are dead balls accurate" !! The Airbus threat is not the only threat to current work...The new EMB-170's and the possible -190's will be eating away at our beloved B737-300/400's whenever and wherever possible too. Bet your last...
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    Well regardless of what the company may have projected on the timeframe....and equally regardless of what Mobile has promised....13 days has equated to 16 days and 15 days added charges of air taxi's...extra parts...and a lot of non-revenued ferrying about. Sitting in RIC /...
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    Ste Mobile Aerospace , Strike-two !

    BB, Happy to hear that you guys won against these's a safe bet USA320pilot wasn't presenting your case..or you would have to re-stitch the bottoms of your trouser pockets up. :P
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    Mesa Buys Mdd And Psa (rumor)

    Billy, (Wsurf) It's CC on steroids all over again. BTW....give my regards to the "Bug Smasher" and "The Great Gazoo" Everyone knows it's Wendy !!! :D
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    Ste Mobile Aerospace , Strike-two !

    Thanks Jim, AC is another glowing example of a company that makes money with that end of the business...even if AC as a whole is on shakey ground. AC's thirst for buying out it's competition on it's own soil tends to hurt them in the grand scheme of things , yet when the...
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    Ste Mobile Aerospace , Strike-two !

    USAir has already had a hand at 3rd party work during the Seth Schoefield era. During the mid 90's CLT Heavy performed work on B757-200's for both America West and Challenge Air Cargo prior to them being aquired by UPS. During this same timeframe. B737-200 work was performed in CLT on behalf...
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    Cwa Update 3/10

    tadjr, "The Golden Parachutes" that are negotiated are every bit as much of an insult to the rank and file as the obscene levels of compensation and associated perks that are being awarded our upper tier. IMHO....the executive levels need to being looking at themselves first when...
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    Ste Mobile Aerospace , Strike-two !

    That is as overly simplistic as one can make it....and hardly a good comparative example. Why not compare a fuse blowing on your car a brake system repair where the mechanic neglected to bleed the air bubbles out of the system before handing you the keys back. Generators go out all...
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    Who Do You Want As Your Boss

    That wasn't very nice...but at least you didn't say Larry Flynt :shock:
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    Definition Of A Moderator

    I see no problems with someone being identified as having served cokes....what the hell?'s part of the job isn't it? ashamed?....try another line of work. I think we are all smart enough to appreciate what a small fraction of that job intails that aspect. Who cares except the overly...
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    Is 3rd Party Maintenance Unsafe?

    I think in everyones best interest...and least of all in the interest of re-couping some degree of your own integrity , you need to present things more factually. Some of the examples you made do not "Outsource" ALL their Heavy Maintenance..and in the case of WN itself , they are moving toward...
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    Pay Comparisons

    When comparisons are being drawn...I think everyone should take a moment to read the story on the home page of this website in the News section. DL's 71 yearold CEO is only accepting a "Flat Rate" wage of $500K with no added perks in an attempt to fend off his companies woes...and he's...