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    Dude Perfect at Soutwest Airlines

    Entertaining, but more like than not it's FAKE.
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    Delta to take over AA ?

    Just came across this this morning. BA may buy a stake in AA to block DAL take over. Anyone have any info??
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    Rant and rave thread!

    It's politics. Create more "big" jobs for your friends and get the peons (you and I) to cover the cost.
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    US-AA Merger Articles (Merged Topics)

    Seems to me that the AA employees are blinded by this merger. They can't see anything other than getting rid of Mr. Horton, much the same as the UA pilots did when they wanted to get rid of Mr. Tilton. All one has to do is read the forums on USAir for the last 6 or 7 years and there has been...
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    TA reached?

    World, UA did have 1400 plus pilots on furlough due to the scope provisions in their BK contract. That allowed the company to park an entire fleet and farm out the flying. However, when the merger was announced, Continental was hiring pilots to cover aircraft they had on order. These aircraft...
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    Unfriendly Skies

    It's a game of poker and the pilots lost that hand. They loosened up the scope provisions in their contract and the management pounced on it. Parking the 73's and having the likes of Skywest fly the routes, it was obvious they didn't need all the pilots. Next time they'll think twice before...
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    An open letter to ex-Continental Airlines pilots and flight attendants

    Boxer, I ride on UA quite often and hear these announcement on occasion. You should go play the lottery, if your hearing this on every flight your on. I agree it's annoying and "a stunning lack of professionalism". The general public really doesn't care what you call yourself and most don't...
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    UNITED's new colors and website

    You may have that opinion of Parker, but the business world thinks he's brilliant. He may lose 20-30 million a year in synergies that could be attained by having the flight crew integrated, but on the other hand he is saving 150 million plus in wages that would have to be paid had they all...
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    UNITED's new colors and website

    Like you trusted every other CEO that ran United......... Come on, do you really think were that stupid??
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    Aeroman MRO San Salvador

    I've been down her quite a bit, and on any given week there are at least 5 to 8 aircraft in the hangers. Mainly USAir and Southwest, although they do have some of the central american carriers like TACA, but by far a lot less. Never seen a JB aircraft here, not to say that they don't use...
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    Flying to Europe just got more interesting!

    For an industry that is deregulated, they sure have a lot of regulations. This "smog" tax is just a back door for some liberal yahoo's in government to get more money to spend as they please. Do you really think that even a penny of this money will go toward the environment? What happened to...
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    ual mech. new deal

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    AFA to represent UA/CO FAs

    Not going to make a difference what union represents the FA's. They will all have to sit down and negotiate a contract that is agreeable to both groups. It will be interesting what they come up with.
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    Study to become pilot?

    Although it may take you awhile to get your ratings, now is the time to start. The mandatory retirement age was changed to 65 a few years back and that will kick in again next year in December. There will be a lot of pilots that will have to retire, which will leave plenty of jobs in the...