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    kalitta Charters II
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    Corvid19 bankrupts the Airlines

    For many of us that been around, we seen this before 80s, 90s. Airlines furloughed people, some going out of business all together. Only back then it was due to economic down turns, today, we have a virus to thank for it. For those of you that are new to this, there are tough times ahead...
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    kalitta Charters II

    I think its sad when somepeople sell out their own employee group, for no good reason. Such is that two individuals, pilots, at Kalitta Charters, decided to break up the union, just when negotiations were coming to an end with the teamsters. What happened at Kalitta Chaters and what these two...
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    Whats going on over at Mesa?

    What the heck is going on at Mesa? I hear they are terminating anyone that fails a sim and have instructors yelling at students. Supposedly, an instructor started yelling at a student in a sim, and the student told the instructor to f off and quit. That's what I hear any ways. That's no way to...