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    "Can I get your name"..."No, I don't give my name"

    Although I don't work for US anymore (I believe a ThankGod will eventually come in to play) I do know that it wasn't something that we did .... especially if we were having a BAD day... I had revieved numerous postive letters at the company but there was one situation where a passenger was...
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    Give credit where credit is due.

    Actually... American Eagle has offered us a rather nice Thanksgiving dinner the last few years.. Yet again this year... I believe they had plenty of food to go around 2years ago..they had leftovers..So, it is Possible !!! I do remember the Cheese... I never got any of it because it got sent to...
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    CBS News report

    Ive only scanned the information.....But I believe the base of the story was the Jet Blue was charging for Pillows and Blankets..... Ummmm Yeah.... I work for American Eagle where we charge 5.00 for a Pillow and Blanket set... That you get to take with you...... Yeah...Its a BIG...
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    AA cutting 900 attendant jobs

    Although I am only an Eagle Person,,,, I wish all of you the best of luck since it seems you will be more impactked than us on theses furoloughs... You have all been great and I hope they offer early out/ealy retirement...... Best of luck to those that have been so gracious to...
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    Toilet Seat Lawsuit

    Now that sounds more like what REALLY HAPPENED!!! This guy should be happy he got a seat.. and even if he did have to pay for his Buddy my Airline I have been uses Buddy Passes A Lot and they are still SOOO Much cheaper than a last minute Ticket. Altough I...
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    Toilet Seat Lawsuit

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    USA Today- SWA Unsafe

    You are NOT free to move around the Country...... All good things must come to an END..... TSK TSK.... You too must play by the rules :unsure:
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    F/A goes semi-postal

    I had just been called into my Supervisors office for a Customer Complaint this past week... The just of the letter was that I didn't help the passenger with her bag. It says in the letter that after she removed her laptop from her bag and tried to hand me her bag I told her she would...
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    WCHR Bound Woman Left Unattended for Hours?

    Just one more thought.... She was in VEGAS.... the airport has SLOT MACHINES !!!!! Anyone want to go with me on this thought process? She probably wheeled herself over for a couple of tries on the slot machine and when they came to get her she was nowhere to be found.... Figuring it was...
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    Non - Rev Travel On Eagle

    If you would have actually read what I said....Most of the Concern is About Non Rev Privelages.... True insurance,wages etc etc are very important... what I was doing was Responding to something I read in JETNET about Travel ...... They havent started talking about Insurance... we will cover...
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    A coach passenger who refused to leave a first class seat

    Sorry guys but I have to do this.. Was Passenger a Blonde? IE THE JOKE A Blonde is sitting in First Class when a Passenger tells F/A that she is in his seat...Upon looking at her boarding pass sees that she belongs in Coach... After Flight Attendants try to get her to go to coach she...
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    WCHR Bound Woman Left Unattended for Hours?

    I heard this news today and needed to try and find out the whole story too. Being an Ex Us Airways Flight Attendant the part that left me with the Biggest Problem was that the News Reports were saying she was left on the TARMAC.... I couldn't grasp that because LAS has JetBridges available...
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    To all Resevers and Holiday Workers

    First off I thougt this message was going to AA/AE crews...ooops it went to my old people at USAIR....Any way.... Just wanted to add my Merry Christmas to all of you working over the Holiday... I will be working too trying to let at least 1 flight attendant be home with their familes. For those...
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    To all the New Hires and Reserves

    I know the Merry Christmas emails you've recieved recently probably aren't meaning too much to you at this time... But I just wanted to wish you all a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year... I will be working over the Christmas Holiday in some attempt to let someone be with their Family...
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    Recall Rights Extended

    Congrats to all you TWA Flight Attendants..... I know some of you but not all... From what I know you all desevere this soooooo much.... AA took something away from you and had no problem bringing the Pilots Back... Well God knows you deserve a Call back too !!! You Go Girls ( and Boys)...