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  • Our union sucks ass! They flight for little #### and can't fight for our contract and now our dues are going up #### this I don't give a #### who sees this the union can go #### them selfs
    Today is my first day back to work from my vacation! I really needed that! I am excited to go back an have fun playing airplane and airports!
    This guy in in Dunkin' Donuts and he was complaining that he and his wife was worried that they can get food this weekend from the store bc he did not get paid till the Monday but yet he just spend $13 on coffee and food! hmmmm what is wrong with this pic!
    People are still bitching about this FCFS about traveling non rev!!! Don't take this the wrong way to my friends that like the DOH!!! GET OVER IT for the people that say "my seniority does not mean anything anymore" DEAL with it just be happy that you get to fly for free!!! The airline is going to first come first serve and not DOH! But I am for FCFS because it the fairest way! DOH is good for bidding for Vacations, Days off, and What hrs you want to work so your SENIORITY STILL MEANS SOMETH...
    WOW! WHAT A DAY!!!! Had fun in MIA but ready to go home! Might just stay there for a wile! I am missing my girl and I don't want her to think I forgotten about her!
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