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    PBGC has mailed out retirement info for those who will draw a pension in the future. What is your experience with this info? Do you find it accurate? Has anyone appealed (you have 45 days)? Please share any experience. Thank you!
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    Need Info

    Hi guys - I need some info. Are furloughed, pre-merger east fleet agents eligible for the 65 point retirement flight benefit? Details please, and thank you for your help.
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    Dave Siegel interview

    What happened to US then is relevant today - employees at GM and Chrysler better bone up, because it's coming to them. And a shout out to PITbull - baby, if we could have cloned you and put you in charge of ALPA and IAM, things would have turned out very differently!
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    IAM Fleet Service topic 1/1-

    And the results would be different from the present economic fiasco how?
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    IAM Fleet Service topic

    There's a better way. Stop automatic dues witholding! Then drag out your dues payments. Do partial pays, late pays, etc. Make the union spend time and money collecting your dues (cutting into their operating capital) and disrupt their cash flow. This is the ONLY way to get IAM leadership's...
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    As the Radar Turns

    No good deed ever goes unpunished.
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    Dirt, Hood ornament's initials aren't BR, are they?
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    Enough is Enough

    Shannon, Get out with you sanity intact! I worked for a premium hamburger joint before Wendy's bought them out and ruined them. I understand new management is to Wendy's what Wendy's was to my old joint. I've been gone three years now and haven't spent a moment wishing I were back. The skills...
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    Of course it is - why do you think they issue knee pads?!? :shock: I've, ahem, heard about two-backed beasties and their variants in covered baggage carts, dark jetways (and loading bridges!), air cargo offices after hours, fuel trucks, and the list goes on....
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    An eyewitness told me this story - it was back in the day when you could get away with this sort of thing. A supervisor in a small southern airport had a h*rd-on for a p/t employee. Always harassing him, piled on the dog work, and in general made life unpleasant. P/T agent walking into the...
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    How WN Will Beat US (And Others_

    Lil Bush's brother wasn't too keen on it, either.
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    IAM Fleet Service topic 6/14-6/20

    Hello all - it's been a while. First, congrats on the ND victory. We have known D141 was rotten since 2000, and finally, the chickens have come home to roost! I'm as happy as you all are. Second, don't take your victory for granted. The Canalites are perfectly and stupidly capable of stealing...
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    IAM Fleet Service topic

    I'm glad you feel that way. Wouldn't you agree that is enough basis to vote Canale and his regime out?
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    IAM Fleet Service topic

    You were pretty quiet about when Canale let Armedio intimidate members or when Canale kept Armedio on the payroll after the Philly beatings. Biased much?
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    IAM Fleet Service topic (Mini Thread)

    Tim is indeed correct. One need look no further than the language Canale negotiated on page 122 of the 1999 FSA. There is a list of class I and class II stations. With few exceptions (like DEN, SAN, etc where, due to the lack of transcontinental RJ's, US is forced to operate mainline metal) all...