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    TWU gets 4.8% equity

    Good for the TWU and APFA for negotiating an equity stake and persuading their members that it was in their best interest to approve it. Because guess what: it was. The APA has uttlerly and totally failed to serve its membership by perpetuating this fantasy that it would somehow be better for...
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    APA getting a tad nervous?

    I don't have data on that in front of me, but I can tell you the pilots will not be the highest paid going forward. Walking away from the package AA offered - especially the large equity stake in the new American Airlines - is a mistake they will live to regret for many years to come. Assuming...
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    USAirways quietly Becomes creditor of AMR

    What a pathetic PR stunt by Doug Parker. Is he really so desperate that he's buying near worthless AA bonds? AA might be the key for him to realize his global airline fantasy, but US is not a key for AA to survive. In other words, US Airways nees AA a lot more than AA needs US Airways.
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    Pilots new proposal and the Me Too Clause

    Am I missing something, or is this actually a very decent proposal from a company in Chapter 11? I get that there are some work rule compromises, but it seems like the pilots get raises and a lot of potential upsisde with the equity stake. In addition, there's the talk of not terminating their...
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    CWA asks: What is American afraid of?

    Yawn. If there's really so much support for the CWA among AA's agents, they'll get enough cards and re-file for an election.
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    Doug Parker mgmt style

    The union workforce seems to have an automatic hatred of the incumbent. They might pine for Parker now, but once he's in they'll turn on him. It's not unlike how Bob Crandall is lionized by the union workforce now. There's an "anybody but the guy we've got" mentality.
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    American Airlines one of America's nine most damaged brands

    They might call it American, but it would be US Airways under the hood. Just like United is now really Continental under a new name.
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    NO Deal for APFA

    You are certainly putting all your eggs in the US Airways basket. What's so glorious about Doug Parker and his merry band of managers? If you think US is free of labor strife, think again. They still operate as two airlines for the post part, and their flight attendants voted to reject a...
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    USAirways and TPG may make Joint bid for AA

    If a private equity firm is involved you can forget about the idea of protecting jobs. Private equity tend to be the most aggressive and value-oriented shareholders out there. They will care even less than US Airways management about protecting AA'ers jobs.
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    LEE: No merger for American Airlines

    Looks like not everyone is as enamored with this merger idea as AA's unions are. It's about time someone started pointing out the warts on this deal. "US Airways‘ own history is a tumultuous one. In 2005...
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    American cracks down on AAirpass usage

    A contract is a contract. Unless American had conclusvie proof that the Airpass rules were being violated it should not have canceled any. The article makes it sound like AA was very heavy-handed in the approach they took. They clearly didn't like the rules they set, and wanted to find any...
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    Might as well start an percentage guess on a YES vote.

    While there isn't any option available that's good for you guys, I'm glad to see you get a vote. That's more than the pilots or flight attendants offered their members.
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    Question about "labor expert"

    I'm a little surprised that the APA guys would attend an event like this while their members are in such a dire situation with the bankruptcy. This has the makings of a PR mess all over it.
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    US-AA Merger Articles (Merged Topics)

    Wow. Who let Uncle Bob out of the home for the day? Let's take a bit of a critical look at these points, shall we? - AA could have gone through bankruptcy in 2003, but then employees would have lost a decade of higher wages, pension earnings and other retirement benefits. There was not much...
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    Merger Relief for American Airlines: April 24, 2012

    I don't see this as about what's good for Tom Horton. Frankly I could not care less about the guy or what his stake in this is. It's the AA employees who are going to suffer if this merger happens. Doug Parker is a snake in the grass. He's lied to his own employees, and he's lying to AA'ers...