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    No concessions period! SFO mechanic

    United will come after the mechanics hard. Many of the lower senior mechanics will vote for pay cuts. The Teamsters will push it and they won’t put any protections for more cuts after. Once UA has cuts they will cut more people and the senior employees will still be there. Worry about the...
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    No concessions period! SFO mechanic

    Just remember if you take concessions it will take many many years to get any of it back.
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    United Alerts 36K (45%) Of Employees of Potential Layoffs

    I got a letter after 9/11. Never saw another. I did see a lot of good people go out the door. Some never came back.
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    I wasn’t away. I just didn’t want to fly United. I have never had a bad experience on SWA. I don’t travel international so I can get to where I need to stress free. I know all about the sCO management. It sucks. I was counting the days to get our. There was a time you could retire from United...
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    Eolesen, Are you a UA employee or retiree? If so then you know all that was taken from the employees. Yes I want a cheap fare and be able to change or cancel. I don’t know how many employees us the MyUAdiscount but it can’t be enough to mess things up. Even 72hrs prior to flight cancellation...
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    Yes I cancelled on my own. The direct flight was removed. I would’ve had to change planes somewhere. My issue is with the way employees and retirees are treated. Not just me but anyone that uses the MyUAdiscount should be able to get a refund. What’s next charging employees pay for bags? Back...
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    I remember reading stuff from Oscar Munoz stating how United values it’s employees. I never saw it. I guess if you were a VP you would be treated with respect. Today’s airline job is just a job. I don’t think you can call it a career anymore.
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    Just remember when you retire from the Big U you are barely a number the them. So you finish everything with the PBGC & medical. Now you want a retiree badge. Cough up $35. I only did it for the FedEx discount but I get a funny look sometimes because UA doesn’t put your employee number on it...
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    UNITED San Fran Mechanics!!

    An A&P doesn’t make you an aircraft mechanic. From what I remember the schools don’t teach anything about large jet aircraft. Your hands on training would be on graveyard shift for three weeks. My advice is listen to the instructor and do as instructed. To many people some fresh out of A&P...
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    News report: Mistreatment of service dogs on UAL

    Our CEO is so out of touch with what is really happening. I don't believe he will call that guy. All the CEO exchanges and Jeff journal are a joke. He is pushing to fast and hard to have the worlds largest airline. customer service is horrible. I'm not just saying this. I have family and...
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    Leaders of UAL pilots' union call for strike vote

    I found one such Scab List a few years ago in a Flt Deck. Very informative. Bound nicely.
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    AMFA Files at Horizon

    Those who are going door to door are in it for personal gain. All of them will move up the union and off the floor. They will roll their toolboxes out and make twice what you do. They will produce ZERO results!!!!!!!!! At this time I don't know who is screwing me more. The union or company...
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    More questions about United's bankruptcy

    BEND OVER It's all about the survival of the company. The needs or lives of the employees do not matter. The BK Judge will look at what the Company & the DIP wants. Just hope the Judge is honest.
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    ual mech. new deal

    Still a NO
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    So what it mean to "dovetail" seniority

    DATE OF HIRE IS THE FAIREST INTEGRATION. Seniority is everything ! ! ! ! !