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    ---------------- You are willing to work for good will, the other 200,000 airline employees in the US are not.And why is that? Because we have all been there and know that our pockets are being looked at everyday by people who couldn''t care less about us. Do you really think it''s going to...
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    Flight Attendant Stabbing on Australian Plane...

    From this article: Two flight attendants are being treated in hospital after being attacked by a man with a sharpened wooden implement on board a domestic flight in Australia.Sheesh! People are crazy!
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    New Book On History Of Flight Attendants!

    Sounds nice. It''s neat to learn about the history of your industry.
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    A great flight attendant gift

    ---------------- On 5/27/2003 1:24:42 AM tbags wrote: Are you speaking of the suitcase or........... ---------------- The handle adapter, silly... See, it''s what''s attached to the luggage.
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    Bad Interviews

    I had one (pre-airline industry) where a guy tried to hit on me during the interview... It was subtle, but unmistakeable. I endured it because the guy interviewing me wasn''t going to be my boss. I didn''t get the job, though - makes you wonder...
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    Has anybody else encountered excessive body odor - THAT is my biggest Gripe...
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    A great flight attendant gift

    That''s pretty cool. Another good gift which I''ve given all my flight attendant friends is the TravelTow rotating luggage handle adapter. For $14.95 (there''s a $5 airline employee rebate) it''s a no-brainer.