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    The sad part about this article to me is, as I sit here furloughed after 23 years with the Company, yes I was furloughed after the merger. I was only furloughed because I had a Manager that decided they did not like me anymore. I feel I am the type that can understand many of our Customers...
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    employee shipping cargo

    Thank you Hula-flyguy, that was the last place I was looking on the web. Thanks again
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    employee shipping cargo

    Would like to know as a furloughed employee if we get a discount on shipping cargo? I will be moving and would like to ship somethings through Cargo, there is nothing on the web about employee shipping cargo. Thanks for any help.
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    Doug Parkers email address

    I know this has been posted several times, but can't seem to find the post. Does anyone have Doug Parkers email address? Thanks
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    Earnings coming Jan 30th

    They just emailed me some paper work that stated they were eliminating my job position as of October 1, 2006. To read the contract article so and so in the CWA contract. This was all within one hour prior to the end of my shift before leaving with Dr's excuse, to excuse me from work to have...
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    US Airways Letter to New York Sun & Charleston Gazette

    I like the statement, no front line employee has been furloughed since the merge, even though I received my furlough notice October 1, 2006. Sounds like someone doesn't know everything going on.
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    Earnings coming Jan 30th

    I am in Customer Service, After 22 years with the Company and working in the same Station 9 1/2 years, I was furloughed to replace the position with a Management Position, which now have been advised they are not going to fill, even though since I transfered here 9 1/2 years ago the flight...
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    Earnings coming Jan 30th

    Does anyone know if you worked for the Company up until October 1, 2006, then you were furloughed if you would receive any of the profit share. Thanks
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    One more help question

    Does anyone know who the main person to contact in Human Resorce and their email address? Thanks again for the help.
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    Need help Please

    Thank you, do you know if it is a period after his first name or an under score Thanks again all
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    Need help Please

    I would like to have anyones help on who replaced All Creillen and their email address. Another question what is Al Hemmingways position? Thanks for any help
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    The Hub Career Opportunities

    Still can't get it on the Hub, where do you find Job openings on Hope your wrong about if your not an HP employee forget it. I don't think it is fair these folks that took the early out, coming back as Shift Managers. I am sure many folks that stayed employed and did not receive...
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    The Hub Career Opportunities

    Just was wondering if anyone else has tried to pull up job listings on the hub, and site won't come up. Thanks
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    Need help from CWA members

    Customer Service Agent at Airport