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    Worst Express carrier?

    Air Wisconsin has performed horribly over the last few years. I use to give them slack because they use to fly a lot of LGA and PHL flights, but now they are flying out of CLT. They have constant maintenance delays and cancellations. Plus, constant crew scheduling issues. Mesa has improved...
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    September schedule update (mainly clt)

    All of us at ILM are excited to see mainline return daily in September. In fact, on Saturday's we will have three mainline departures.! The only bad news is that we are missing the "Summer Season" tourist who flock to the Carolina beaches. Perhaps we will steal more golfers away from MYR this fall.
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    Tuesday nights at Charlotte..

    I cannot believe CLT-SMF is not resuming! The flight was constantly full. (Yea, I hear that doesn't mean profits). But, last summer we had 5-10 people daily connecting in CLT just from ILM. Also, we had an ILM-PHL flight that connected to a PHL-SMF flight. It had a couple of passengers daily...
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    Piedmont Airlines Ramp Service Bids

    Both, GSO and ILM have not had scheduled mainline service in over a year. Also, CHS and SAV constantly reverse mainline schedules. It would make since for Piedmont to take over operations, at least on the ramp first, then take over customer service operations.
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    Piedmont Airlines Ramp Service Bids

    Pardon me if I am wrong, but I thought AVL, CHA and TYS were already EN (Piedmont stations)?
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    Piedmont Airlines Ramp Service Bids

    I only know of ILM, MYR, CHS, GSO and SAV.
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    Piedmont Airlines Ramp Service Bids

    In November, US Airways put up for bid most ramp vendor services contracts by select cities. It is rumored that Piedmont Airlines is the main contender for taking over several cities in the Carolinas. Does anyone have any dates or further information on Piedmont taking over ramp functions. The...
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    Transatlantic Schedule 2010

    I think PHL-CPH would be great route on a 757E. We already have ARN and OSL. CPH would be a great addition. Daily I see bags going to CPH with double connections.
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    How many Mainline cities

    ILM, MYR and CHS are mainline stations with mainline customer service agents and outsourced ramp agents. While MYR and CHS have mainline aircraft servicing their stations, ILM has not had mainline service for several months, but ILM remains a mainline station.
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    CLT shake up at DL

    I don't get it ! What does CLT (Charlotte) have to do with link? This is a waste of my time , and I am guilty for reading and commenting to a thread that's not constructive.
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    LGA Base Closing?

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    Ideas on what we can do to cut costs at US airways …or generate revenue 2

    I suggest eliminating all blankets and pillows except for transatlantic flights for free. Perhaps charge $5.00 for a pillow/blanket combination wrapped and clean on transcontinental flights. However this may lead to more cost for cleaning. As it is now , the pillows and blankets have a long...
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    Sherri Goes For a Ride

    So does Sherri occupy a jumpseat or sit in the last row of coach, similar to the 5X position we had back in the late 80's early 90's when I was a flight attendant? Does she actually participate in service or just take notes and get in the way?
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    Held Hostage in an US AIRWAYS Fortress Hub (Comedy)

    Wow, what a great post. I am glad I work the ramp in an outstation. I think what bothers me the most is how the crews treat you. I am a former flight attendant and I would never belittle or question a gate agents credibility. But, also, having worked in many departments I can see how an...
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    What happened today?

    This was the smoothest Thanksgiving Wednesday I' ve ever experienced since 1987 when I began my airline career. The flights out of ILM (Wilmington, NC) were full but not oversold. Also, the flight's ran ontime or early. I actually awoke an hour earlier today to divulge in some extra caffeine. I...