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    AA flies to NRT from LAX, JFK, ORD plus its fortress hub at DFW, airlines flew from the first 3 to Tokyo long before Star, Oneworld or Skyeam existed and survived. AA will continue flying to Tokyo with daily flights from each gateway and hub. AA will expand more to China as Peking from...
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    UAL & CAL possibly merging

    The ST. Louis hub has been devastated by AA is the myth most ex-TWA people want to believe nad if I was one of them I would. But 9/11 came and so did a bad economy. Those two things are the reason ST. Louis has been reduced consistently by AA, not some evil Crandalism.
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    Will Oneworld lose JAL?

    AA & JAL need to fly to other US citites from Japan, Boston would be a good start. Other then DFW AA & JAL cover the BIG Japanesse "four" on the US mainland, JFK, LAX, SFO & ORD. The "four" are the cities both JAL and ANA fly to. Miami is another AA desirable city to Japan, a 77W could...
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    Grounding 744s ?

    Delta could better use the 744's over its entire route system with GRU in the winter and JFK/ATL to Europe(LHR) in the summer. 744's might work to Tel Aviv too, Atlanta to NRT is also a clever use of the Jumbo. MSP & DTW to NRT is not the best use of the 744's, with some new 777LR's...
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    South America

    why would USair fly to Buenos Aires and Sao Paulo or Rio ? Use A320 and 757 to places closer to CLT, leave the A330's for Europe.
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    This wil be the first time we have four nonstop LAX to SYD airlines, Qantas, V Australia, United and DElta.
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    New Atlantic Routes?

    Sounds like heavy JFK flying to northern Europe, ORD to Ireland and the UK & Boston to Europe.
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    AA has applied to delay ORD-PEK for a year

    The UA Asia route deal was a fast one for Pan AM. Crandall had an abrassive reputation which Pan AM didn't want to deal with.
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    UA Leaving MIA

    laura62, United did launch the 777 but that didn't help them in Miami. In the end 763ER service to EZE & GRU were no match for AA's 777. That no to say another route UA's 777 aren't competitive just not in Miami aginst AA. UA never got the to a competitive level in Miami all those years...
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    JFK gets hit........

    Mission acomplished, kill EOS & MaxJet, use 767 for other flights.
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    DL moves forward with New terminal at JFK.

    Befoe 9/11 Delta was going to move to Terminal 4 with a huge addition for its exclusive use. The Pan AM WORLDPORT was built for 747's, it works well with 777 but is has lots of wasted space for 767's. A new design could certainly use space more efficiently. I lok forward to a DElta Worldport.
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    UA Leaving MIA

    UA got killed in Miami by the silver bird, its name is AA 777. Those 777 to GRU & EZE just did in the United.
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    DElta flew JFK to NRT with the MD-11, this route is well within the range of the MD-11. DL tried LAX to HKG which was a stretch for the plane, it often stopped in Taipei on the way to HKG.
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    CONTINENTAL (now) Talking to AMERICAN and BA !

    What is SO IMPRESSIVE about Southwest ? Nothing
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    British Airways In Talks With American, Continental

    When the economy grows again and if fuel ever goes costs south, ST.Louis will be an important Hub for AA since DFW & ORD will reach capacity soon.