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    Obama Launches 2012 campaign

    I'm so tired of presidential politics -- it's still more than a year away!!!
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    Gasoline up 100% under Obama

    The last job I had required a lot of unreimbursed driving and low pay (thanks for the crappy job market, Obama), anways, I quit when gas hit $4 a gallon. I just can't part with such a large % of my meager paycheck for something as common and necessary as gasoline. :angry:
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    Would someone with a flyertalk account do me a favor?

    Hi guys, been a while since I've posted on Anyway, I have a favor to ask of anyone who has an account on I want to post this youtube link: in this thread...
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    Spirit pilots strike. Merged topic

    I love your posts, Jim. They are very informative. :)
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    Spirit pilots strike. Merged topic

    That is ridiculous to say that pilots at other carriers should not fly "struck work". They don't work for Spirit! Spirit still loses money during the strike, having to pay another airline to carry their passengers. What if a Spirit would-be passenger got a refund from NK and bought a ticket...
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    name some things that differentiate humans from animals

    No, dolphins also communicate orally.
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    name some things that differentiate humans from animals

    This is supposed to be a discussion about biology, not politics. If there were 6 billions cats on this planet, they would fight and kill each other, too!
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    name some things that differentiate humans from animals

    No, most animals are more prone to violence than humans. For example, wolves are like relentess and unstoppable gangs of canniballistic murderers! :D
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    name some things that differentiate humans from animals

    ability to use hydrocarbon fuels to generate energy (starting with caveman fire) While humans have used animal power for millenia (not so much now), animals themselves can only use animal power.
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    name some things that differentiate humans from animals

    I think the best one is that humans have the ability to make weapons.
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    is it airline or airlines?

    That's true. Even if an airline flew to only two cities, they could say they have two routes by including the direction (DFW-DAL and DAL-DFW) and still be able to call the airline "Dallas Airlines".
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    Citing environment, new UK government rejects third Heathrow runway

    "low carbon and eco-friendly economy." don't forget smaller as well :rolleyes:
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    Spirit Becomes First Airline to Charge for Carry-On Baggage

    Schumer is such a pig. What he's actually complaining about is that the federal excise tax is not being applied to a carry-on fee, and he says it should. Big deal, right? Nooo, he has to grandstand, looking for applause by "slamming" the airlines for running their business their way instead...
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    The Galley Show - Part Deux

    Dagnabbit, my uniform is getting tight. I would like to say it's the washing machine's fault, but honestly I do have CD hips. No, not CD as in audio, it means I bump the C and D seats when I walk down the aisle.