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    That number of gates can't be right. See Item 3 in the link I posted above. Under the terms of the 5-party agreement, the airport cannot grow beyond 20 gates and 4 of those will be leased by other carriers - 2 for AA and 2 for CO. No hardstand operations will be permitted and each gate can...
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    Here's a link to the 5-party agreement See Item 10: So in 2025, Southwest could choose to operate from other airports within an 80-mile radius of Love Field (including DFW) without having to give up any of their existing gates at Love Field. Until then, they're limited to the 16 gates they...
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    ORD-PEK Held Up over Unfavorable Slots-TITLE CHANGED BY MOD

    Now delayed until May 25 American Airlines Extends Cancellation of Flights Between Chicago and Beijing
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    Passenger of Size

    Here's my problem with Mr. Smith's publicity-seeking rantings. It's from another story posted on CNN's website Kevin Smith: 'I'm never going on Southwest again' So he basically is admitting that he buys that second seat for comfort. What a deal. Let's say I'm on a flight that's booked with...
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    What new routes do you want SWA to add in 2010?

    Many folks have been begging for WN to add BOS-PHL flights. Today, they got their wish Service starts June 27 with 5 daily roundtrips.
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    Allegiant flight into Dallas Love Field

    Charter flights are subject to the Wright Amendment, but different rules apply. SEC. 4. CHARTER FLIGHTS AT LOVE FIELD, TEXAS. (a) IN GENERAL.—Charter flights (as defined in section 212.2 of title 14, Code of Federal Regulations) at Love Field, Texas, shall be limited to— (1)...
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    Asking for orange juice may violate federal law

    According to the accounts by the passenger and the witnesses, it was his request for OJ that prompted the FA to launch into a tirade about it not being the proper time of her "service" that started the whole argument. She ended tirade #1 by asking "Have you ever even been in first class...
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    Asking for orange juice may violate federal law

    It's so incredible, you could make this story into a Country & Western Song. So I did. To the tune of the Wabash Cannonball :D The AA Orange Juice Song (Link loads midi for some karaoke fun.) Listen to the story Of an AA morning flight When a passenger And a flight attendant Had a...
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    Asking for orange juice may violate federal law

    I guess this video from WFAA Channel 8, the local ABC affiliate in Dallas/Ft. Worth was for them, then. Frequent flier fears for future after midair incident They interview the passenger who ordered the OJ as well as the man seated behind him from one of AA's terminals at DFW. LoneStarMike
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    what the heck happened on AT 297 to IAH

    I think the truth lies somewhere in the middle of the two conflicting versions. Even over at, they don't say true or false. They rate it "mixture." Flight 297 Within the above link are two accounts - one from a chaplain who was originally booked on Flight 297, missed the...
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    Air New Zealand challenges Southwest

    This is too funny. Being a native Texan (y'all) - it was a little hard to understand the New Zealand accent and I had to watch it several times, but I think this is the gist of the challenge. (All hyperlinks are to youtube videos.) Air New Zealand has an ad campaign - At Air New Zealand, Our...
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    Thought I'd run this up the flagpole, from the Elliott travel blog

    Lufthansa does this Link to press release And from Lufthansa's website: Doctors on board If the same thing happened in a store or restaurant, the doctor wouldn't have had to assist the patient for 4 hours, unless that's how long it took the ambulance to arrive which is highly doubtful.
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    Adjusting Schedule

    In AUS, the only route adjustment was AUS-LAX. It drops from 2 to 1. And from The Denver Post: the number of daily flights between Denver and Las Vegas will be cut from nine to eight, between Denver and San Francisco from four to three and between Denver and Seattle from three to two.
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    old SWA ad on youtube

    My favorite WN commercial was "We're spreading LUV all over Texas" from 1978(?)
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    Love Field Modernization Project

    Here's the problem. Back when the details of the Wright Amendment Compromise were being worked out, AA, DFW, and Fort Worth pointed out that WN had an unfair cost advantage because the cost per enplaned passenger at Love Field was much lower than DFW. One of the elements contained in the...