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    Last Of The 'critters'

    I miss the DC-9s. Those loud, noisy, smelly, cranky, beaten-up pieces of #### had more comfortable seats than the 717s. :up: :rolleyes:
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    Valujet Fleet At Shutdown

    I remember Lewis Jordan saying that by the turn of the century, they had hoped to be operating DC9-20, 30, MD80, and MD95 Aircraft. Either way, that airline was headed nowhere, as Robert Priddy (or Prickhole) was once quoted as saying "If I could get rid of flight attendants and put coke...
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    When Will Northwest Retire Their Dc9-10s

    LOW CYCLE!?!?! :lol: Last I checked, Most of their DC9-10s have over 95,000 cycles on them except for the DC9-15.
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    When Will Northwest Retire Their Dc9-10s

    I thought the Avro ARJ-85s were going to eventually replace the 9-10 routes. I knew they were keeping the 30s 40s, and 50s. How many DC9-10s do they have as of now?
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    When Will Northwest Retire Their Dc9-10s

    Can somebody please just tell me when they are supposed to get rid of the DC9-10 aircraft. Please? That's all I want
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    When Will Northwest Retire Their Dc9-10s

    I know that, but I'm sure that will be a -30/-40/-50. I just wanted to know when the -10s will be gone
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    When Will Northwest Retire Their Dc9-10s

    Hello Everyone, I was wanting to confirm when NWA plans on retiring their last DC-9 Series 10 aircraft. I know they plan on keeping the -30/40/50s for awhile, but does anyone know when they will retire the -10. Isn't it sometime this year? :unsure:
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    Question for you AirTran folks

    I know a way to get a job there. But I am keeping my mouth shut. ;)
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    Building the Song brand

    :) <i>No not really, in Tampa they share with Delta. I believe that is the same system wide</i> Gete D33 in ATL is fully decorated with Song Logos and Colors.
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    AirTran close to announcing new aircraft purchase

    Cool. I will have to visit 9955 AirTran BLVD soon.
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    Where did the shop go too?

    You're right, it seems like they took the eCompany store offline. Probably just temporarily now.
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    Watch out AirTran!! here comes JetBlue!!!

    jetBlue and AirTran may team up and fight against Delta. Being that jetBlue is their own airline, AirTran may offer some of their gate space to jetBlue. GO JETBLUE AND AIRTRAN!!!![img src=''] [img...
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    JetBlue launch Long Beach - Atlanta

    I personally believe that Leo F. Mullin is biting at his fingernails at this very moment.[img src='']
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    Jet Connect Question

    UPDATE ON USER N944AT: This Trip was never accomplished. User N944AT no longer works and does not accumulate any cash. I've taken 1 leisure flight since he planned this, whilst he has taken none. [img src=''] [img...
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    More 717's

    [img src=''] I just recently flew on N986AT. This Aircraft was formerly N422TW. The Aircraft still had TW Interiors, but the leather First Class seats had one row missing, and all seats were covered in an indigo/violet fabric. They look...