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    Delta Shuttle being outsourced!

    ITs just the first of many new outsourcing projects that is on the horizon. The new NWA DAL team has lots in store for you guys. You can call it the Raping of NWA part 2 except now the name is DAL. Nah, you dont need a union. Good luck. :angry:
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    NWA Air Line Pilots Association MEC

    Just like you guys did for the pilots in 1998? :huh:
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    Employees to get 15 percent of Delta's equity after merger

    Dalmd88, Most guys I know do not take for granted the great group that support the airplane flying. There are some ego filled uniforms that are way out of touch. As a pilot......thank you for all you do. As you said and I believe......"We could not do our job without you doing yours." All...
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    CONTINENTAL (now) Talking to AMERICAN and BA !

    According to the ORD C/P : from a UAL friend........they have 90 days of cash at current burn rate.
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    Same Road as USAir

    SOUTHWIND. You need to get your facts straight. Rumors-Rumors-Rumors NWA PILOTS did not want to staple anyone. We were in search for a FAIR deal. There was not one there. The raises can be taken away one day after signing. Seniority cannot. We wanted and want arbitration. DAL did not...
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    First shot by NW pilots coming

    Your arrogance is only out done by your pilots! It is a MERGER. STRICTLY A MERGER! STOCK SWAP! No one is buying anyone!
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    Latest news regarding DAL/NWA merger...

    PURE B/S!!!!!
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    Latest news regarding DAL/NWA merger...

    WAIT A MINUTE GUYS!!! Kev, NO WAY DUDE........I dont know ONE pilot who thinks that we are anything more than your employee brothers and sisters. I dont know where everyone gets the idea that the pilots believe they are anything more than employees the same as you. Just because I fly an...
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    Latest news regarding DAL/NWA merger...

    Delta 777, the 400 does look nice in the Delta colors. My guess is that MEM will be gone as a base and CompASS/PCL will be the only ones flying out of there. MSP/DTW will survive. I also think that DFW will come back and HNL will be a player. HNL will be a good spot to make a gateway to the...
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    Another airline might up the ante.

    Yep, rumors are rampant. But, we do know that our MEC and DAL's MEC and both company teams are in NewYork full time and MSP is getting calls about contract issues. So, maybe it is as many are saying..."Working on a complete package so that when they come out of NY all they have to do is...
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    Another airline might up the ante.

    I respectfully disagree. Maybe you should go and ask some TWA pilots how they were treated. I wont even start to argue these points because there are too many. If you believe that AA will merge in the NWA guys in a fair are dreaming. If you will look at my post I said, "No...
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    Another airline might up the ante.

    NHBB....YIKES... :down: :down: :down: - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - NHBB, if you are an NWA gotta be dreaming that this would be a good thing for us. No disrespect meant. If this does play out.......NWA will be sold off in tiny parts and the employees treated as...
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    Northwest to make DC-9 decision next year

    I dont know what airplane NWA will get but I do know that MARY IS HOT!!!!! YIKES!
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    New NWA uniform...

    Looks like KLM colors/ Delta colors incorporated. Wait, arent they part of SkyTeam? Look for the merger soon!
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    NW DTW reserves

    Jen, How long do you give the new hires before they realize that flying 100 hours a month is not worth the 1200 in pay? Ladies and gentlemen, you can do much better. I have heard that the new hires are lasting about 3 months on the line and then bailing because of the work load and pay...