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    Can we talk service?

    Well, it is hard to disagree with everything stated here. US is also my last choice. When they get my business, it is always because of schedule. Never price. I pay a lot more to fly on CO. Personally, I'd fly WN everywhere if I could. CO serves a hot meal in FC on anything over 1.5 hrs...
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    US Airways CEO calls for more consolidation

    Just what America needs - the "brains" of US Airways trying to do more consolidation. The sad part is the only two airlines that would be capable of not messing up a consolidation, WN and CO - probably wouldn't touch a merger with a 10 foot pole. I would LOVE to see the end product of a US/UA...
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    The Heaviest Baggage Fee Collector: US Airways Stands Out

    Sad... Maybe they should remove supervisors and invest in cleaning crew. Or make the supervisors clean the planes, muhahaha...
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    Streamline Boarding

    This is really sad. It is like saying "we cant find anyone with common sense to work here", so we have to develop systems that allow us to hire illiterate people. Is US paying minimum wage?
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    What a Hoot!

    I think Airline of Chance is more realistic. - Best chance of inconsistent service - Best chance of the plane leaving 15 minutes early - Best chance of maintenance delay - Best chance of weather delays in PHL ... and plenty more I can't think of
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    The Heaviest Baggage Fee Collector: US Airways Stands Out

    See, what US did wrong was pushing us over to CO and WN. Does US have any idea how much more it costs us to fly on CO? And how much more we're willing to pay to fly on CO? On the legs I travel, a FC upgrade is virtually impossible even as a Platinum. CO has done an amazing job of upgrading...
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    US Airways CEO calls for more consolidation

    There will be lots of consolidation on the horizon - in all types of companies. We will also see hyper inflation in the future. The sad part is that consolidation may not happen through mergers - it may happen through chapter 11 bankruptcy, and maybe even worse, chapter 7 bankruptcy... There...
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    Bridal gown vanishes from US Airways

    At least the TSA generally leaves you a little card that tells you that they stole things from your checked luggage. I was on a CO flight a few weeks ago (A PBI flight, so you can only imagine) and this lady came on with this wedding dress, and asked the FA to hang it in the closet. The lady...
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    nonrev New York Hotel

    Now thats funny :)
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    US Airways to Customers--NO IFE for You!

    It seems that US is on it's way to end up becoming a "hub captive" airline only. Then WN arrives... Give WN enough time and they will overtake PHL... Does the management at US even fly the other carriers to see how out of line US is? Air Tran has a better product than US does... I also...
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    US to drop PIT-LAX/SFO

    WOW, how could that be an unprofitable route? So much for focus city?
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    US Airways rejects PETA ad

    Double agreed. PETA is such a strange organization. Wrapping a plane as a PETA ad would send a crazy message about US Airways and what it is willing to do for money...
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    Seat Width on US

    OMG, that's worse than an RJ..
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    US Airways' plans shift in travel slump

    I take back what I said about the 737s. I'm on one right now that has all new seat covers and is pretty clean. So what I should have said is ... Clean the 737s. :) And bring back the old us airways!!!
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    US Airways' plans shift in travel slump

    My opinion only - US needs to stop trying to compete with WN, and start competing with the likes of CO and UA. Once a legacy, always a legacy. Just be a good legacy airline. Dump the old dirty 737's and be a good airline with a good product.