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    Mainline RJs?

    The word "Express" painted on the side of a 90 seater (ot 70 seater, for that matter) does not an RJ make.
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    The Transaction Is Complete...

    Attempting to address this with a reasoned argument to the Ivory Tower in IND will get nowhere. In that respect the work groups are on common ground. Now that the respective managements have consummated the sale (which we all can agree was beyond the control of the grunts in the trenches)...
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    Furlough Notices

    Mr. FL370- As if things needed more stirring up... Things are bad enough without "contributions" such as that. "Bubba, them hornets is still cuttin' a shine. Hit that nest with the broom a couple more time 'n see if that don't get'em to settle down."
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    Republic Pilots Ratify J4j Amendment

    ERAU class of 83 83-85 CFI 85-87 night freight 87-89 charter 89-99 corporate TP and jet 99-present CHQ (now E-145 CA) 13000+ hours I paid for my schooling and licences. I did not pay for my job. Ever. Got fired from a CFI job because I refused to. I worked hard to get here and I work hard now...
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    Republic Pilots Ratify J4j Amendment

    Rico- Thanks for the straight answer. Those can be hard to come by. It is appreciated. It also differs significantly from what the RP group was led to believe. Never could find reference to fenced USX flying in the comms from the IBT on this subject. Not judging the veracity of either...
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    Republic Pilots Ratify J4j Amendment

    Two questions: 1) What did the Mid Atlantic pilots propose for seniority integration? 2) Wasn't it the UALPA who concocted this j4j scam in the first place?
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    More On Mda & Republic

    A bit subjective and inflammatory on your part, but regardless: What did the MDA group propose? Define "meaningful." And please not in terms of what "meaningful" is not, but in terms of what would be satisfactory to the MDA pilots.
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    Maa - Republic Sale

    duplicate post deleted
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    Maa - Republic Sale

    A few years ago I was in my USAir painted Turboprop and was told by ground control to "follow the 'company' 737." Immediately over the radio comes "They're NOT company" I still fly for my "not company" airline, having declined to succumb to the shiny Boeing syndrome; preferring instead to keep...
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    E190 Comes To Tpa

    Guppy Killer
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    Usairways Sells Erj-70's And Slots To Republic

    Actually it is rumored that CHQ proposed a straight staple for the SA guys and that the integration issue has gone to an arbitrator.
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    Fbi Investigates Employees

    20 years, huh? Gonna learn a whole new meaning to the term "puncture." That's still too good for 'em,
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    Don't Let Express Fly The 190's

    This always kills me. If it isn't a Boeing, it isn't. Let the punks fly the barbie jets. So they did and now it's out of control. The mainline had the power to keep the puddle jumpers in house and under their control. Had the mainline had a little more foresight and a little less disdain for...
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    Looking For Employee Paycuts Again To Survive

    Fiddling while Rome burns.
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    Republic Update

    FL 370- Yeah, that has us rolling our eyes. I was quite tempted to copy/paste that here and elsewhere, but there is this pesky "Copyright 2003, Republic Airways Holdings..." at the bottom of the page. The Company has a track record with stuff like that and while I (along with a significant...