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    New DL aircraft config

    Hey WorldTraveler.................lighten up.    I'm one of DL's DIAMONDs and I found this hysterically funny.  Did Santa give you a lump of coal this year???
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    New American/USAirways commercial You mean this one? ;-)
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    Poll On New Brand

    Only if that customer is a NON-ELITE once or twice a year flyer. As a former Chairman's Preferred on US for 7 years I wouldn't step foot on a different carrier just because the the airfare was slightly lower. And now as a Diamond Preferred on DL I won't step foot on US or any other airline...
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    Poll On New Brand

    I think you don't like to hear people say anything negative about the new American livery. Well maybe they should have asked their customers or people in general who fly all the time. But this new livery SUCKS in plain English. The company they hired to create this new look had their head...
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    An Offensively Stupid Idea

    That's the dumbest thing you've ever posted
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    Fact, You guys will complain about anything!

    Which airline? HP or the original US (and still the better of the 2)? And don't think it kills my theory at all. Even CSA's in the "new" US are some of the snarkiest.
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    Fact, You guys will complain about anything!

    OH PLEASE.........Seigel was the beginning of the END of the REAL USAIRWAYS. Every high paying customer recognized that. As a former customer..................I want WOLF back. Were you even around when Wolf was in charge? Were your 29 years in HP? Obviously they were or you wouldn't have...
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    Fact, You guys will complain about anything!

    Better service under this management? I fell off my chair laughing so hard I think I broke my hip. I flew your so called better service airline to FRA for Xmas. I have never in all my previous 10 years flying US have I met some of the snarkiest, b!TCHEST flight attendants EVER!!!! BETTER...
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    New F/A Announcement Book

    Hey least you get the "FINGER WAG" from Deltalina when it comes to no smoking. That's always worth watching for.
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    Her Royal "Diamond" Highness on 2025 ATL to IAH today

    Richard needs to also learn that the employee isn't the punching bag because some one who thinks she is important can talk to people like they are gum stuck on the bottom of her shoe. Personally, Richard needs to have a direct conversation with this woman. Again, I was told she is very well...
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    Her Royal "Diamond" Highness on 2025 ATL to IAH today

    I posted this on Flyertalk and wanted to share with you all too. ..................................................................................................... Let me set the stage for you so you can be prepared to kneel before her. .......... She approached gate A28 (with an...
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    choice seats

    Within those 45 pages is there a flow chart too? LOL
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    CLT -vs- PIT

    Why do you people continue to beat this dead horse? Who the FRAK cares. PIT is no longer a hub and will soon no longer be a FUCUS City..... and YES I spelled it on purpose like that. PIT is insignificant now so let it alone already.
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    Obama Brainwashing American Youth !

    Yes we need a president who will do nothing more than read a book to a group of children while we're under attack. OH wait that was BUSH!! And then for the following years we didn't have constructive political debate unless you were a republican. What are people like you afraid of? For 8...