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    America's Most Reliable Airlines Southwest Airlines (nyse: LUV - news - people ), the no-frills discount carrier, handily beat the competition in most of the categories we judged. JetBlue (nasdaq: JBLU - news - people ), also considered a discount airline despite its plush leather seats and individual...
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    IAM Fleet Service topic (Mini Thread)

    Tim I dont have a dog in this fight but a United merger is speculation, as a matter of fact most industry analyst's are predicting a CO/UAL merger and for you to even bring it up IMO is nothing more than a scare tactic. As far as some of the senior agents transferring to PHX, another scare...
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    More Hawaiian Competition Shuts Down

    Heaven forbid ATA file bk on numerous occasions lowering the bar for everyone else... almost like you know who
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    Mr Isom purchases new home in AZ

    You mean to say criminals like Jeffery Dahmer, Wayne Williams and David Berkowitz all came from Mexico? I thought Wayne Williams was African American and Dahmer and Berkowitz were WHITE. I'm sure the current Mayor of Los Angeles, Antonio Villaraigosa and ex Mayor of Denver, Frederico Pena would...
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    Yellow Gate Valet Tags

    Bob that is too funny. Thanks for the chuckle :lol:
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    Pit-Phl-Pit and Us f/a's

    swcokeslinger, if this is that much of a concern perhaps you should contact Mr. Kelly and tell him how the F/A's from other airlines are causing the demise of SWA. Seriously, you should take the time and send Mr. Kelly an email if your that concerned about, complaining about it here on this...
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    Homophobic SWA FA

    Who do you think you are? What makes you think your better than anyone else? People like you make me sick!
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    PHL is Ranked #1 For LOVE!

    LMAO... that's hilarious Excellent Busdriver :up:
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    Getting hired at SWA

    Comments like the one given by WNrforlife isnt necessary. Hardworking asked and honest sincere question and deserves they same type of reply. That being said go to the intereview and let your presence be known, show them that your hard worker with a good attitude and all your asking for is a...
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    Getting hired at SWA

    Go to the interview with a positive attitude, be upfront and honest. Throwing bags @ MDW in the winter would be brutal but saw my fair share of agents pass out from heat exhaustion in PHX during the summer months. I'm sure LAS isn't much different. Best of luck
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    Public Rebuke of US Airways CEO

    Eye that is too funny. Someone ought to send your post to Spector. BTW read my signature, there may be some truth to it
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    Alaska Airlines new hire = nicotine test?

    Hypothetical question; Lets say you work part time as a bar tender or a cocktail waitress at a bar that allows smoking or your spouse smokes and your subject to second hand smoke? Would that be enough to disqualify you from employment at AS?
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    Lead mech refuses pledge to flag at union meeting

    Lets not forget about all the men and women who sacrificed their lives to give you the choice as to whether to stand or not. 8th grade? That something to be proud of. :down:
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    Pilot steals IPod

    Sacrificed his career and lost his job for a $300.00 Ipod. How sad.
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    Thinking about applying for United....suggestions?

    I cant speak for the flight attendants but when I was a ramp agent for WN in PHX there was another agent that had quit the company and a year later decided to come back. WN not only hired him back they hired him back at the same wage he was making when he quit, the one thing they didn't do was...