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    Small Airlines Oppose Plan For U.s. Aid To United

    March 2, 2004 Small Airlines Oppose Plan for U.S. Aid to United By MICHELINE MAYNARD larmed at United Airlines' attempt to enter the low-fare market, an organization representing low-fare airlines said yesterday that it planned to fight United's effort to win $1.6 billion in federal loan...
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    Aca Replacement

    Ted will fly out of IAD this year.It will be a Ted hub.
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    Goodwin Suing For Benefits

    Thats 20,000 too much.
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    Retirees Shafted :shock:

    Tim Thorpe: They were promised that their medical premiums would be locked in at pre July 1, 2003 levels. Well they lied you know you cant trust businessmen,or at least management.
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    Retirees Shafted :shock:

    1. United to Seek Modifications in Medical Benefits for Retirees Formerly on U.S. Payroll * United is committed to reaching consensual agreements with its retirees on shared costs for medical benefits, following procedures established under section 1114 of the U.S. Bankruptcy Code. *...
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    Exit Financing - all threads merged

    Moderator: As was done once before, you should probably merge this new thread with the other "exit financing" thread. Thanks Mr. Hall Monitor
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    Exit Financing - all threads merged

    CHICAGO, Dec. 16, 2003 - UAL Corporation (OTCBB: UALAQ.OB), the holding company whose primary subsidiary is United Airlines, confirmed today that it has reached formal agreement to secure $2 billion in exit financing with JPMorgan and Citigroup, marking a major step toward emerging from...
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    Time For A New Union For The Rampers

    just got the paper this morning that the IAM union dues are going to be the following: Ifyou're making over 12.00 an hr, the new dues starting in Jan 2004 will be $43.86 and for those that are making less than $12.00 an hr will be $29.95 Now why in the heck should we be paying these lazy bones...
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    Ual October Numbers

    United Bankruptcy Court Update -- November 21, 2003 Your Honor, as we informed your clerk, we want to open this month's Hearing with a comprehensive status report, which we thought appropriate as these cases near the twelve-month mark. Since filing on December 9, United has made major strides...
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    Pension Issues

    From Denver Post: Denver Post United seeks to delay $2 billion for pensions Airline: Deferral needed to recover By Mary Williams Walsh and Micheline Maynard The New York Times Thursday, November 20, 2003 - United Airlines is devising a plan to postpone about $2 billion of required...
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    Pension Issues

    A Plan to Postpone Pension Financing at United By MARY WILLIAMS WALSH and MICHELINE MAYNARD Published: November 20, 2003 nited Airlines is devising a plan to postpone about $2 billion of required pension contributions over the next three years, having concluded that doing so is the only way...
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    Pension Issues

    It doesnt look good for the employees.
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    Ted- The Speculation

    Ted Blows
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    Financial News

    Dow Jones Business News UAL/Orbitz: Airline Needs Cash, Judge Says Thursday October 30, 5:19 pm ET By Erik Ahlberg, Of DOW JONES NEWSWIRES CHICAGO (Dow Jones)--UAL Corp. , parent of United Airlines, on Thursday received bankruptcy-court approval to sell part of its stake in Orbitz Inc. after...
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    Luv Into Phl

    Southwest move may mean adios for airline Analysts: US Airways must slash costs more if it hopes to survive Thursday, October 30, 2003 Frank Reeves, Post-Gazette Staff Writer When Southwest Airlines Chairman Herb Kelleher announced this week that his discount airline planned to attack US...