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    PI merger

    Wow....20 years since Piedmont flew. Hardly seems possible. I remember the last departure from LAX. Red eye to CLT. Our manager allowed the PI staff to work it. As US, we worked the PI flts while the PI staff trained on the "Pacer" computer system. I will remember the flt attnds making...
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    Nonrev travel forum

    I've used Dargal.Com for 4 different cruises and it seems they always had the lowest price and very great service. You can't go wrong with them!
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    Profit Sharing for retirees

    It's Monday the 24th March and still waiting for the check to come in the mail. The usual USair SNAFU. Lots of talk about taking care of the troops, but no action. I figure it will arrive sometime in May.... :rolleyes:
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    Executive Compensation

    There is one certainty with US........the exec's will ALWAYS make millions....ALWAYS....and the labor groups will ALWAYS be asked for concessions....."to save the airline".
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    Customer Service?

    Welcome to the NEW USairways. Don't blame the agents. This type of "Customer Service" is what the company and management want. It's all turned into Bus Service in the sky. Not just USAir, but most all carriers. Cheap ticket prices = Cheap Service. We'd all like to do better and have more...
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    More cities cut from PIT

    You can bet the farm, WN will be adding more flights soon. Especially in the Florida market. From past experience, US gives its markets to WN on a silver platter.
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    Give's me a nice warm fuzzy feeling to know Im working across gates from an WN agent who is making $24 an hour... boarding a flight closing out, and pulling the jetway. Same thing Im doing.... :(
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    Automated Listings Are Back

    It's a good number to have, especially if you're off on a trip in a strange airport trying to head out! It was around for years with US. Was just called the "9" line. Easy to remember if you can remember to add the "325" to the 9999... :)
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    Pass bureau email?

    Ive always gotten quick responses from them and always very accurate and helpful.
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    Rude Customer Service

    It's a shame to wait in line, only to be told that employees are not being help now. Our station manager several years ago told us not to issue any ID90's or employee tickets if there is a line checking in for flights. Tell the employee to come back later. But that doesnt work for everyone...
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    2008 New International Destinations

    It seems Asia is going to be where the money is to be made. Most of the west coast flights to NRT HKG and TPE are heavily booked year round. But would definantly need code sharing with someone once there.
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    West rampers can be fired by phone

    This is typical J Glass crap. He would do the same thing to his mother if given the opportunity. There must be a special place in the afterlife for people like him to roast and burn in eternity. Just when you think things can not possibly turn worse, he pops up out of the sewer to take care...
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    Incentives for US Airways executives

    It would seem the goals would be to keep worker salaries at the lowest possible level, service at a minimum, and expenditures at only the bare necesity. This would ensure executive salaries and bonus at hundreds, if not thousands of times the amount of you, me and all the others who actually...
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    PHX Ramp! Meet your new ramp manager!

    I think he was in RDU, or someplace near there for a while also before coming to LAX. He has no respect of anyone and is the worse manager anyone could imagine. Foul language, temper tantrems, and cares only about himself and his "stats". In 5 years, I never found anyone to say a kind or nice...
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    401k Profit sharing check deductions

    Should be there soon.