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    Sully going to the big or small screen

    Thanks for the laugh Muh uhrcraft!
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    US FA arrested for cocaine possession

    Ouch...Heard a rumor in CLT that a CSA was fired recently for substance abuse too...Guess the Nude-O-Scope really works so far *shudders*.
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    US Bolsters Flying to Big Apple

    Flew LGA PBI on DL Yesterday...flight was packed full...DL runs this 3x a day on the A319s currently...and hey we got a meal in F!
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    The Galley Show - Part Deux

    Oh and you're a size Pittsburgh right? :oops:
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    US Airways Airbuses Clips Wings at DCA Once Again!

    To the Fleet Service Agents...I'd like to apologize for making assumptions and a mockery out of ourselves with the "assumptions" joke... Except for these Agents in PHX who keeps losing my bag on a three city connection revenue ticket from PSP-LAS-CLT-PBI three trips in a row in 2006 =) No...
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    US Airways Airbuses Clips Wings at DCA Once Again!

    Was looking at the other article but thank for the Facts 700UW! is peachy keen away from USAV and came on here to blast the incompetence at US Airways =)
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    US Airways Airbuses Clips Wings at DCA Once Again! This is what? the second time in the last few months...Seriously the Rampers need to wake up!
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    The Galley Show - Part Deux

    Ladies and Gentlemen this is the Co-Pilot Yinzburg speaking, will the gate agent non-rev from the Queen City that just dyed the new blue leather seat red report to the Flight Deck for public embarrassment and humiliation before we land in Phoenix, oh and we can't tell you the route of our flight...
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    PHL-ANC seasonal service!

    I might be the village idiot but ANC is a great town...go to Gwennies for breakfast, good reindeer sausage and downtown walking is very simple and easy...If possible go to Flat Top near Chugach for a great view of Anchorage and the inlet! Now that US announced PHL-ANC...I might use up some...
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    CLT-FCO Non-stop?

    Now if US would just start flying to Asia...US would be truly a world class operation...
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    US Pilots labor Discussion 12/4-

    Hence the Fantasy Island sure you don't have the culottes on too tight?
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    Airline Loving Gnome's First Book Set To Print...

    You're kidding right? I would hope so...Have fun at the #2 window SNN *sarcasm*
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    AFA Labor Relations Thread 10/6---

    If she's going to PHL kicking and screaming...I'll expect to see her on TLV.
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    BOS,LGA,andLAS bases to close in 2010

    I'm glad someone caught onto my sarcasm by now! Obviously you were already biased reading my post...and *Moderators* S/He just attacked me on this forum in blatant public view... You might think I'm miserable and an incredible jerk...truth be told I've never been happier over at Continental...
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    BOS,LGA,andLAS bases to close in 2010

    Uhh I'll take Zero Managers for 500 Please.