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    Two AA FAs interrogated after one found bomb threat note

    I love it!! This thread is about the speculation of the F/A's and it turns into an Arpey/Mgmt bashing contest. Get over it, seriously.
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    More Lovely News

    Amen brotha! All of these anti management folks think they know everything about running a company...
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    Another dedicated AA exec jumps ship.

    I agree this guy is not the sharpest tool in the shed....and if you read the brief, they say they had evidence of him saving files to an "external drive", which I can only assume it was a thumb drive. If they have evidence of him stealing property/data from AA, he could face time in the greybar...
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    Wheres Arpey?

    Who is "Gerald" Arpey? :rolleyes:
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    This thread is useless without proof :down: I heard this and I heard that and just because I heard this and that it's the truth. My god, he is still not making what his peers are while running a $20+ billion dollar company. GET OVER IT!!!
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    AA and AA executives continue to get bad press

    Beating a dead horse. Do we need to start another thread about this?
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    Hush Hush Order

    Maybe because they are the voice of reason on this board :D Seriously, most other posts are clouded with nonsense and have no merit. At least their post have some validity to them.
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    So Now What? More status quo?

    WOW! I could not have said it better myself. Glenn spends most of his time at the Four Seasons schmoozing having breaky schmoozing rather than run an airline.
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    UA Flight attendant arrested for weapon

    I hope she has a good lawyer (I'll bet the union saves her job..a management employee would be fired on the spot) WASHINGTON - A uniformed flight attendant was arrested at Dulles International Airport after she turned herself in for allegedly carrying a concealed handgun aboard a flight from...
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    Say what you want aout Arpey, but what Tilton is getting at UAL is criminal. Rob your employees of their pensions and then to profit like this is ashame. He actually has a driver to drive him a couple of miles from his downtown home to his office :down: The chairman, chief executive and...
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    UAL CEO Paid $39.7M in 2006

    This just does not seem right to me, plus a driver and car to drive him 3 blocks every day :shock: The chairman, chief executive and president of UAL Corp., parent of United Airlines, received compensation worth $39.7 million in 2006, the company's first year as a standalone company after...
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    Reddings Response

    Could not be more fake. Nice try though!
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    Pilot Website

    Very "REFRESSING" :D
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    Will AA's new F/B Class duvets be enough ?

    Could not have said it better! To bad the "beauty" has not been back to comment. The folks at U-Haul have done nothing but screw their employees and stockholders, but they love to gloat on all of the money they spent upgrading their cabins at the expense of the tax-payer....Sorry U-Haul...
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    Your Opinion of Gerard Arpey

    All I have to say is, Arpey is the leader of a $20B company and making ALOT and I mean ALOT less than his peers. If he was such a bad guy, he would have left to make more money a long time ago. Arpey is the salt of the earth and ONLY cares about the success of American Airlines. He is a...
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    Why do you like/prefer AA?

    Well go back to work for TWA then...oh wait...they don't exist :D
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    Split Posts

    Wrong :D I am just someone who recognizes free enterprise and not one who hides behind a union.
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    Split Posts

    That makes a lot of sense :rolleyes: Actually not determined by fellow CEO's and other executives, it's in the hands of the BOARD OF DIRECTORS :lol:
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    Split Posts

    Go choke on a fur ball???? I guess that shows not only your gradeschool mentality, but also displays you your poor attempt at humor. It's always management that is wrong with you guys! I have said this many times.....Get an advanced education, market yourself amongst the Fortune 100...