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    MAA flight attendants lose appeal

    On July 21st, the 2nd Circuit Court of Appeals ruled against the MAA flight attendants. I wonder how much they owe their lawyer.
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    AFA at Delta goes down in flames...

    From AFA Northwest: Delta Air Lines Flight Attendants' Representation Election Voided The National Mediation Board (NMB) announced today that Delta Air Lines flight attendants have lost their vote to join the Association of Flight Attendants-CWA. With only 5,306, or 40 percent, of eligible...
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    May 9, 2007 -- 65 POINT PLAN OFFER TO FURLOUGHED EMPLOYEES -- Accessing The Hub -- AFA Local Numbers Dear James, 65 POINT PLAN OFFER TO FURLOUGHED EMPLOYEES The Company sent a letter to all furloughed employees last week offering the furloughed employee the chance to participate, if eligible...
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    MAA Flight Attendants Drop Suit Against US Airways

    This is absolutely astonishing news! On November 20th, the flight attendants' attorney dropped US Airways and America West from the lawsuit brought by the MAA flight attendants earlier this year. The only remaining defendant is AFA. Even more astonishing is the fact that the so-called...
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    Bye Bye Bobbi

    It is my understanding that a sufficient number of signatures have been obtained on the Petition to force a vote to recall MAA MEC prez Bobbi Riggle. The petitiones are being transmitted to AFA International as I type this.
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    Uair Receives Approval To Sell Four 767 A/c

    US AIRWAYS RECEIVES COURT APPROVAL TO SELL FOUR AIRCRAFT; ATSB CASH-COLLATERAL AGREEMENT EXTENDED UNTIL LATE OCTOBER ARLINGTON, Va., August 18, 2005 -- Judge Stephen S. Mitchell of the U.S. Bankruptcy Court of the Eastern District of Virginia today cleared the way for US Airways Group, Inc. to...
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    Another Midatlantic F/a Class Posted>?

    A new MAA flight attendant class has been posted on the Hub. The first day of class is Monday, August 22, and 19 people received offers for the class. Why would the company bring back people to only to furlough them when the Republic transaction goes through? Well, I wonder if it has anything...
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    Plan Of Reorganization Filed

    US AIRWAYS FILES DISCLOSURE STATEMENT AND PLAN OF REORGANIZATION IN PREPARATION FOR AMERICA WEST MERGER ARLINGTON, Va., June 30, 2005 -- US Airways Inc. today filed with the U.S. Bankruptcy Court for the Eastern District of Virginia its disclosure statement and Plan of Reorganization (POR)...
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    Us Airways Begins Nonstop Service To Venice

    Press release ARLINGTON, Va., May 9, 2005 -- US Airways today launches its new seasonal daily nonstop service between Philadelphia and Venice, bringing customers convenient access to one of the most romantic and unique cities in Europe. The inaugural flight will depart Philadelphia at 5:55...
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    Us Airways To Cut Fleet Again, Restates Loss

    WASHINGTON, May 4 (Reuters) - Bankrupt US Airways Group Inc. (UAIRQ.OB: Quote, Profile, Research) took a $91 million charge for terminating employee pension plans on Wednesday and said it would shrink its mainline fleet by another 10 aircraft this summer. The seventh-largest domestic carrier...
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    Question For Pitbull

    Pitbull (or whomever else might know this), A friend of mine, who is on furlough, is considering employment with another carrier and they are requiring a resignation letter. I know that one of the negotiating points during the last round of givebacks was that the company was not going to...
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    Maa F/a Classes

    Any word on how many of the two dozen people scheduled for MAA F/A classes in the past two weeks actually made it to training?
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    Atsb Extension

    From the Hub on January 10: ATSB Talks US Airways is in discussion with the Air Transportation Stabilization Board (ATSB) to extend the company’s financing agreement, allowing it to use additional funds on a cash collateral basis to support continued daily operations. USA Today, which...
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    Are You Willing To Work For Free?

    If this operation is so understaffed, the company needs to return its furloughees to service.
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    Transportation Executive Orders Airline Probe

    PHILADELPHIA - The nation’s top transportation official ordered an investigation of two airlines that canceled hundreds of flights over the holiday weekend because of computer and staffing problems, stranding thousands of travelers. U.S. Transportation Secretary Norman Mineta asked the...
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    Maa F/a Contract

    Is the MAA contract in its entirety posted on the AFA website? I found only "highlights" but not the contract itself.
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    Maa Flight Attendant Question

    With so many PIT MAA flight attendants resigning, will the airline schedule any new classes to cover those leaving? I know several folks waiting for classes... a couple of them specifically requested October training. If a mainline F/A decides he or she wants to go to MAA, do they have to wait...
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    Section 1113 Question

    Okay, two years ago all the unions came to an agreement with the company that, in exchange for Concessions Round 1, we would not be asked again for more givebacks. In walks Bonehead... okay, we were ordered to accept another round, not "asked". Now, the company is asking a third time. My...
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    A Novel Idea...

    I had an idea. I figured out that $4.5 million (Dave's exit bonus) divided by 28,000 active employees comes to $160.71. Since all active employees gave money which was squandered by the company, and in particular partly to fund Dave's exit package, I think every employee should file a small...
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    Mid Atlantic F/a Training Update

    I spoke to the Inflight Department in Arlington. The department is aware of the problem where the class listing for Class X (August 23) was duplicated for Classes XI and XII. They are expecting the corrections to be posted on the Hub by the end of the day. In addition, they are expecting to...