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  1. SegmentKing

    Customs Seal on US Airways Sida Badge

    Basicly, something came up in your background that wasn't listed on your application. I've had this happen to only 1 of my employees at another airport, however we just moved her to the domestic side. Customs takes international serious, and they can ground a flight if someone is working it...
  2. SegmentKing

    Chiquita HQ moving to CLT

    Well they are the largest grocer in the country, & I believe they are one of the largest employers in the Cincinnati area.. may as well poach the area, right???
  3. SegmentKing

    Chiquita HQ moving to CLT

    I wonder if North Carolina would convince Kroger to move ^_^. Although does Kroger (or any of its divisions) even have a presence in Charlotte?
  4. SegmentKing

    Nick Aaronson

    So I read the article in Excelsior and it just brings up a major point to anyone, gay or straight: never ever bring anyone back to your hotel, no matter how cute/hung/pretty they are!! I've traveled around the world, and been to many "not-so-gay friendly" places and I still come home alive...
  5. SegmentKing

    UPMC is now out of network

    So is that doctor's $250,000 student loans to LEARN how to save your friend.... and I think its criminal that same doctor pays $150,00 a year in medical malpractice insurance because of runaway lawyers & bogus lawsuits. So yes, he needs $35,000 up front because that's just going to pay or part...
  6. SegmentKing

    Southwestern cuts PIT-PHL, others

    Someone better tell Gloria she's gonna need to find a new base... Southwest is cutting a handful of flights out of Pittsburgh, including all 4 flights to Philly. Southwest Airlines , one of...
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    Gulfstream Intl Air to go back to 30 seaters

    Saab has even stopped making cars!! :blink: they're all used equipment, not sure from where though.
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    Or it could be for the American Eagle flying... apparently if AMR spins off Eagle, it opens the door for ATR-42s to come back. Although 9N (forgot their code) already trashed them in the late 90s as TWE. I remember flying in one from BMI to STL and wondering WTH did they do to these seats...
  9. SegmentKing

    Gulfstream Intl Air to go back to 30 seaters

    Found this article in the Nassau Guardian. Also little birdies tell me this VP wasn't supposed to be giving out so many details (oops). I wonder if this means no more 1900s, or if this will be supplimenting the 1900s...
  10. SegmentKing

    What gives?

    well.. it *was* called :)
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    AFA to represent UA/CO FAs

    The CO contract has some very nice commuter language in it... hopefully AFA will see it and salivate & fight to keep it!
  12. SegmentKing

    Man flies US Airways in women's underwear

    he looks fabulous in some of those shoes. more pics at - look for "TERMINAL".
  13. SegmentKing

    Man flies US Airways in women's underwear

    Our drive-thru queen has a few more pics of him from when he ordered a frosty from her.
  14. SegmentKing

    US Pilots Labor Discussion

    Ever see one more than 1/2 full??
  15. SegmentKing

    US Pilots Labor Discussion

    wow... 2000 pages... surprised this thread hasn't crashed the servers yet. what are we arguing about this week?
  16. SegmentKing

    Scott Kirby Fired?

    I served as an executive with a regional airline for a while, and one thing that I remember (and even passed on to my replacement when my contract ended) was that "when you are out in public, people are always watching you... and every movement/word said can be taken as an official statement...
  17. SegmentKing

    Scott Kirby Fired?

    that's not a rumor. :huh:
  18. SegmentKing

    Stupidity at the TSA

    Well, I guess I can come clean since I'm no longer on US Airways Group payroll, and feel now is the time to tell this story. I was a supervisor at Key West for many moons and was @ EYW during the Air Midwest years and then Piedmont/PSA station ops using the CRJ-200s and EMB 170s. This story...
  19. SegmentKing

    US FAs push back against TSA pat downs

    Is Cathy with US? 33 Year Flt Attendant was asked to remove Prosthetic breast (cancer survivor)
  20. SegmentKing

    US FAs push back against TSA pat downs

    I disagree. This new monster is a product of the DHS, which is ran by former AZ Guv Janet, appointed by The chief of Barakistan.